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Get More Calls with These 9 Simple Postcard Design Tips

September 07, 2018

Direct mail is performing better than ever! More businesses are turning to direct mail postcards to grow their sales. But, all postcards are not created equal. A few tweaks can turn a mediocre card into a sales gold mine. For the past 15 years, we’ve seen thousands of super successful, and some not-so-successful direct mail campaigns. We’ve learned what works for movers and what doesn’t. When used properly, postcards are a powerful marketing tool to connect you with your best potential customer. And when you combine all of the proper elements, they will bring in business. Read more...

4 Tips for Tracking Direct Mail Response Rates

August 30, 2018

Marketing measurement is an important step to understanding the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and how much business they bring in. The last thing you want to do is waste money on marketing approaches that aren’t beneficial for your business. Tracking the response rate of your campaigns ensures that you know if your marketing dollars are going to the right place. Read more...

Turn Excellent Customer Service into Future-Moves

February 07, 2018

Learn how providing great customer service can lead to more repeat moves and referrals from past customers. Read more...

Proactive Innovation: The Key to Moving Company Success

December 11, 2017

Using innovation to re-charge your moving business is the best way to continue to grow your business. Looking for new ways to adjust to customers needs and market to them is more important than ever. Take a look at how innovation can be used for mover marketing and how uses innovation to better serve you. Read more...

Movers Doing Good This Holiday Season Volume 3

November 14, 2017

Read about how moving companies are partnering with Move For Hunger to help their local communities and provide food to local food pantries. Read more...

Book More Moves from Real Estate Agent Referrals with Agent Outreach

October 26, 2017

With Agent Outreach, movers can double their marketing reach and market to two leads: the homeowner and their real estate agent. By marketing to two moving leads, movers can increase awareness with homeowners and build a valuable referral program with local real estate agents. Read more...

New Vs Pending Listings: Which Moving Leads are Best?

October 24, 2017 provides a weekly list of moving leads that have just been listed “for sale” in your area.  Occasionally, movers ask if we can provide leads that have a gone “pending” meaning the property is under contract and the move is imminent. It is very important to reach the homeowner early in their decision-making process.   That is why our leads are always the newest listings.  Read more...

Personalization Drives Response Rates of Direct Mail Higher

October 23, 2017

According to new research, the response rates of direct mail continue to rise. One reason is the ability to better target the leads and market to them personally. Read about it here. Read more...

Top Cloud Based CRM & Logistics for Moving Companies

August 02, 2017

Moving companies can save money and time by moving logistics and CRM to the cloud. Here are some options we've researched for you. Read more...

Don't Lose the Momentum: Mover Marketing Tips for Fall

July 07, 2017

You've had a strong summer. Your staff is trained and ready to move. How do you keep the momentum up and phones ringing? Find out our top tips for Fall Mover Marketing. Read more...

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