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There’s nothing like having a few extra tools handy when building a business. That’s where we come in. Along with leads, we help companies understand the landscape and identify marketing opportunities.

Our resource center is designed to save you time and ensure you’re delivering quality marketing that hits the mark today...and tomorrow. Have questions? Just ask...We’re here to help you grow that business.

Still not sure about investing in direct mail? See how direct mail works for movers. 

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We're happy to share what we've learned in over a decade of helping movers with Direct Mail. Check out our Design Cheatsheet (PDF) and blog post Get More Calls with These 9 Simple Postcard Design Tips.

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To start Automated Postcard Service, simply submit your postcard design. To make sure the designs meet our printer specifications, please download and provide the following to your designer.

Printer Specifications Sheet (PDF) 4x6 5x8 6x11
Indesign File 4x6 5x8 6x11
AI File 4x6 5x8 6x11
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Don't have a designer on your staff or in your network? No problem!

Here are suggestions to Finding a Graphic Designer for your postcard artwork.. 

Referral Marketing Tools

Many movers feel that doing a good job will earn them actionable word-of-mouth, but let’s be honest, you have to do a little work to capture referrals and grow that customer base.

Don’t believe in the power of referrals? Check out our recent Consumer Survey for Finding a Mover (PDF). It’s a quick read with valuable insights into how people choose their moving company. Spoiler Alert: Referrals are the biggest far.

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A simple and useful template designed to collect key information in a checklist that organizes client follow-up after their service. (PDF)

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Never underestimate the power of “Thank You.” Sending an email (or better yet, a handwritten note) takes little time, but makes a real impact. (PDF)

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Asking Works. Be sure to invite your customers to leave a testimonial or review on your website or third party sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. (PDF)

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Having a script helps. It is a great idea to reach out to customers with a quick phone call and ask for referrals. Modify this script to meet your needs. (PDF)

Mover Marketing Tools

Marketing to folks in the process of selling their home is smart. We help moving companies and other industries to connect with this unique target market. There’s no doubt that great leads are incredibly important, but how you market to them will determine if your phone is ringing. Here are a few marketing gems we want to make sure every moving company has.

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In order to learn which forms of marketing lead to the best results, moves should track all their leads. Read our tips for tracking direct mail response rates here.

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If you're not on our Mover Newsletter email list yet, it's time to join hundreds of other moving companies who are looking for an edge in the moving industry.

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Check out our blog where we share hot tips and insights on marketing in the moving industry. It's tips, tricks, news that movers can really use.