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Receive Homeowner Name & Address To Send Your Own Postcards From Your Office 

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Receive daily leads at new listing and pending status. Just open the PDF and print to labels. Affix the label and stamp to your own postcards and mail to homeowners. It's that easy!
Do you have the 2+ hours to do your own fulfillment? If not, check out our Leads Plus Fulfillment option.
Learn how we filter data to provide only the best leads. 

We Collect, Filter, and Append the Raw Data to Provide Only the Best Moving Leads.

Buy a quality list and mail to only good leads.

movingleads vs raw data sources
* We often beat the industry standard for return mail because of our filtering process, but there will always be some returns due to timing of homeowners submitting NCOA forms. Learn more about why returns happen here.

Learn what movers should do or avoid to earn the best response rate.


Contact Homeowners Soon After They List Their Homes

Reach homeowners as quickly as possible before they are ready to make a decision and ahead of the competition for the best results.

Use the Power of the Postcard

Postcards offer longevity and give homeowners a physical reminder to call you when they’re ready to hire a mover, even if it’s weeks after the postcard was received.

Mail to More New Listings vs. Pending Listings

By the time a homeowner reaches the pending stage, most have already hired a mover. If you have a limited budget it is better to mail to more new listings than split between new and pending mailings.

Don't Use Standard Mail

Standard mail can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered, missing a critical window of opportunity. It also does not provide returns which can alert movers to an underperforming list.

Don’t Rely Solely on Easy to Forget Marketing

Ads can be ignored and emails are easily deleted. Movers who use postcards get calls from homeowners weeks and months after they’ve arrived.

Don’t Use PENDING LEADS that Haven’t Been Quality Checked

Our Pending Leads are re-verified to confirm they are still homeowner owned and occupied. You won’t get a response from an unoccupied pending listing.