About Us

At First Movers Advantage LLC, innovation is a core component of our philosophy and what drives our business.

In 2002, we received a postcard from a mover. Curious about their marketing strategy, we learned that movers were manually creating their lists from local newspapers. With Jennifer’s experience in marketing and Brian’s background in real estate data, they saw a business opportunity that ultimately became First Movers Advantage, LLC.

Through the years, the company has grown. It started with a group of data entry clerks, manually collecting information from newspapers to a full team of programmers developing the newest advances in data collection. And after requests from customers, the company expanded to provide postcard fulfillment using the latest in digital printing.

At MovingLeads.com, we value our partnerships with moving professionals, both large and small, and all across the country. We measure our success, not by the number of leads we sell, but on how successful our customers are at boosting their sales.

We also support several industries with data solutions at FMAdata.com.

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