Frequently Asked Questions

About Direct Mail

Does Direct Mail really work?

Yes, direct mail works! It is the best way to reach 100% of your potential customers in your area with a friendly, non-intrusive “ask” for their business. Click here to learn more about how the combination of quality leads and direct mail can increase mover revenue. 

According to the Direct Marketing Association, Direct Mail has the highest response rate, other than telephone marketing, with more than double the response of any type of digital, social or online marketing strategy.

Direct mail household response rate is at 3.7% (compared to .2% mobile, .1% email, .1% social media, and .02% internet display).

Read about how direct mail works for the moving industry here.

What kind of response rate can I expect from direct mail?

Our customers report a 1-3% response rate with their mailings. Meaning that for every 100 postcards mailed, they average 1-3 phone calls.

The booked jobs from direct mail tend to be our customers largest household moves.  Since you are able to target with direct mail homeowner owned properties that are moving (for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time), these moves are your best potential customers. 

Lead Quality & Format

Where do your leads come from? What is it that you provide?

Our primary business is data. We monitor the real estate market and collect addresses for sale from multiple public sources. We do not use list-brokers or lists from other companies. When you work with us, you work with the list publisher. To learn more about how our leads compare with other lead lists, read Not All Lead Lists are Created Equal.

How do your leads compare to Internet Leads?

Internet leads are generated from a homeowner filling out a form on a website and request that a business contacts them by either email or phone. These leads are often oversold.

Our leads are different. We monitor the real estate market and identify homeowners in your area that are planning a move. We provide you with everything you need to contact these homeowners with direct mail – sending either a postcard or letter.

Direct Mail is the best way to reach 100% of the potential customers in your area – not just the small percentage that will fill out a form online.

How do your leads compare to data on the MLS?

The MLS is a raw listing of all real estate activity in your area. About 50% of this raw data are non-viable leads such as new construction, empty lots, bank owned properties, and empty properties where the homeowner has already moved. You could waste a lot of time and money marketing to bad leads if you are using raw MLS lists.

We monitor the real estate market.  We collect "for sale" advertising from multiple public sources and then double verify the information. Every weekday, you’ll receive only the best leads - large household moves that have been verified to be homeowner owned and occupied.

Learn more about the steps we take to verify our leads.

How old are the leads? collects leads as soon as the house is advertised for sale. Every weekday, we filter the leads and provide you a new list of leads from the previous day’s collection.

We also monitor the active listings and can provide a daily list of homes that have just changed to pending status.

Do you provide pending or “under contract” leads?

Our pending leads are of much higher quality than what movers can find from other lead providers. Any property that enters the pending status is thoroughly reviewed to make sure that the status is true, that the homeowner still owns, and occupies and receives mail at the property. After this filtering, our pending list contains only the best leads. Unlike other sources that have you pay for unverified leads, ours will save you time and money by offering fewer, but viable leads. Stop wasting money on leads that will never turn into jobs.

While we offer pending leads, we believe that the best time to contact a homeowner is at the time of new listing. Eighty percent of homeowners make a decision about hiring a mover before they reach the pending stage. If you wait until a home is in pending status to start marketing, you could miss out on most of the opportunities to win business. We recommend you first mail to newly listed homeowners with the option of a second mailing during the pending stage.

Learn more about the Secret of Better Timing.

Do you provide the homeowner name?

Due to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we no longer provide homeowner names and addresses to customers in California. See our CCPA Compliant Postcard Fulfillment service.

Other than that, we provide the homeowner name. If you are relying on leads that are only addressed to “current resident”, then your mailings are at a disadvantage.

For one thing, these leads have probably not been verified to be homeowner owned and occupied. And two, direct mail addressed with the homeowner’s name results in much better results. 

In a recent survey, homeowners said that they were 84% more likely to read a direct mail piece that was customized or personalized. With numbers like that, you need to be personalizing your direct mail.

Do you provide phone numbers or email addresses?

No, we do not append this information to our leads. You receive the homeowner name and address to contact them by direct mail.

Homeowners on our list have not provided their contact information like they do with Internet Leads. If you contact the homeowner by phone it can be perceived as very intrusive. Direct Mail is a friendly, non-intrusive way for you to reach out and provide your company information to be considered for the job of every homeowner considering a move.

How do I choose the leads to receive? Can we target leads by demographics or location?

Yes, we offer the 3 ways to define the geographic area. By mile radius around an address, by Zip Code or by Counties. For most, a mile radius covers their ideal market. But if you want to exclude an area in the mile radius, then the zip code and counties might be the best option for your criteria.

You can further target by asking price of the home. By setting a minimum and maximum asking price of the homes, you can target the size of the moves to be included on your list. For more details on how to set your criteria, click here. 

We do not provide demographic information. We have found that the asking price of the home (which loosely equates the household income) is the most effective way to target.

If there are more leads available than my maximum record limit which leads will I receive?

You tell us how many leads you want to receive each week based on your weekly budget and the price per lead or price per postcard.

By using the minimum and maximum price settings of your list criteria, you can choose which segment of the leads you receive. We can start at the maximum price setting and work down in price to your lead limit or set at your minimum asking price setting and work up in price to your weekly lead limit.

You may also decide to limit the geo area so that you receive more leads in the smaller area than price-based segment of a larger area.

Will I see duplicate leads?

Our leads are delivered fresh and not duplicated from day to day or week to week.

If a listing continues to be on the market after 90 days from the first collection, this lead could be added back into our system. Rest assured, we have a thorough process of re-verification to not only verify the listing is still active but that the homeowner still owns and occupies the home.

These are still potential customers and it is valid to send them a follow-up mailing after 90 days to ensure that you stay “top of mind” when they are finally ready to make a decision about a mover.

Getting Started

If I don't have a website, will postcards work for me?

Unfortunately, direct mail does not work for businesses that do not have a website. For 94% of homeowners, the first thing that they do when they receive your postcard is to verify your information on your website. If you do not have a website, you won’t receive phone calls. It is better to wait to do direct mail when you have an active website.

How do I get signed up for service?

To sign up for service, please contact us: here.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Account Info - Your business contact information including the email address to use for mailing lists and invoices.
  2. Billing - Please enter the Credit Card that you would like us to use for payment on your account. You have the option to skip this step and provide the details later, but note that service will not start until we have your credit card information.
  3. Select Service
  4. List Criteria - Select the Following:-
    Choose One Option:
    A radius around an address
    OR provide a list of Zip Codes
    OR a list of Counties
    - Minimum Asking Price
    - Maximum Asking Price
    - Record limit each week (Based on your budget and a mailing price per postcard.)
  5. Postcard Design - If you already have a postcard designed, you can send us the artwork by uploading your design during sign up, or you can submit it later by email.

If we have everything done by 3 pm MST, your mailing will start the next day.

What format do the leads come in? How will I know that the postcards were mailed?

For List only service - Your leads are emailed to you every weekday in two formats. You will receive an xls file that can be imported into your CRM system or used to manually track responses. You’ll also receive a PDF file that is already pre-formatted to print to labels (30 labels per page).

For Automated Postcards – You will receive an XLS spreadsheet listing all the postcards that have been mailed for you. Again, this list can be used to track responses in a CRM system or manually on the spreadsheet.

Note that we can also send a CSV file if needed.

What type of labels do I need to purchase if I want to print out the pre-formatted labels myself? 

You can use any brand that is a one-inch label set up for 30 labels per page. We recommend Avery 5160

Can I mail to the same lead more than once?

We send you a daily (M-F) list. We recommend mailing out your postcards as soon as you receive the list for the best response rates. Your purchase of the list does allow you to do follow up mailings, but keep in mind that these may result in lower response rates or result in more return mail.

We also offer pending leads for movers that would like to do follow up mailings. A second impression timed at pending status can reach homeowners that still need to hire a mover.

Can I easily make changes? Is there a deadline for changes?

Yes, you can make changes to your list criteria very easily or even suspend your service. As long as the changes are completed by the day before at 3 pm MST.

And with our on-demand printing, we have the flexibility to change your postcard artwork too since there are no postcard inventories to use up first.

Note that we recommend not making changes too frequently. It takes a good 4 to 8 weeks of mailing to test response rates to list criteria or postcard artwork.

Can I cancel service at any time? How do I cancel Service?

We have made your services as flexible as possible, so we do not have long-term commitments. You just notify us by 3 pm MST the day before to suspend service for the next day.

To cancel service, call us at 303-443-0767 or email your request to suspend your service. We will send you a confirmation of the suspension by email.

Postcard Artwork

Can you help me with postcard artwork?

We are pleased to offer graphic design services. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have your postcard design created, we make it easy to create and submit a design for your service. And we have design options to fit any budget. Learn more here.

Can I submit my own postcard artwork?

If you have a current design, simply submit a PDF. Please ensure your submission meets our printing requirements before submitting. Our graphic designer will work with your designer to make sure your design meets these requirements and then they will put your design into production for your service.

Mailing Standards & Response Rates

How should I track responses?

Tracking direct mail requires some planning and careful execution but it’s worth the effort. We have put together a PDF with our tips of what we have learned over the years to help you with this process.

Download: Response Tracking Tips

How soon after mailing will I get a response (phone calls & website visits)?

The life of the direct mail lead is very unique. The milestones of the homeowner's sale greatly impact the timing of the response/call from each lead. This timeframe can span 1-4 weeks or more.

Roughly 20% of homeowners will be looking for a mover at any given phase of the moving process, so it is important to market to the homeowners at the time of new listing. This will result in some homeowners calling right away (the early deciders).

But don't worry, your postcards are working for you throughout that timeline. The power of the postcard is that homeowners keep postcards and will call as soon as they are ready to hire a mover.

Learn more about the Power of Postcards

Mailing consistently over a 4-6 period will generate a steady of stream of phone calls.

How many postcards do I need to mail to get a response?

We are often asked how many postcards need to be sent to get a response. On average, direct mail generates a 1-3% call rate. So, for every 100 postcards mailed, you should receive 1-3 phone calls on average.

The more postcards mailed = the more phone calls you can expect to receive. Even small mailings add up. If you mail 25 postcards per week, then it will take four weeks’ worth of mail to send 100 postcards which should still generate on average 1-3 phone calls.

There are no minimums for list only customers who wish to mail smaller quantities. Our fulfillment service is for movers wishing to mail with a minimum budget of 200 postcards per week. You decide how many postcards work within your budget. And postcards work for movers mailing large quantities or small.

Do you issue refunds for the return mail?

Return mail is a normal part of Direct Mail and should be considered a regular expense of the mailing process so we do not issue refunds for returned pieces.  

We make the best effort to suppress bad data and eliminate returns.  We scrub our lists using the latest available data from the United State Postal Service (USPS) but there is no perfect way to eliminate all vacancies and returns.  See more detail on why returns happen here.  

So again, returns should be a part of the expense of mailing and as long as your cost-per-call and cost-per-booking are meeting your budget goals, then returns should not deter you from doing Direct Mail.

Why do you send 1st Class postage vs Standard Mail?

Yes, first class postage is more expensive. But it’s worth it. First class postage ensures delivery within days of mailing. Standard mail can take up to two weeks to be delivered.

Also, with first class postage, you will receive returns which means you will know if your list is performing well. 

Be wary of mailers that send by Standard mail. You may be wasting money on bad leads and experiencing a higher than the industry standard of 10% return rate.

When will my postcards arrive at the homes?

Your postcards will be printed every weekday and delivered to the post office the same day. Because we send your postcard by first class postage, the post office is supposed to deliver within 2-3 business days after it has been delivered to the post office. 

Be wary of mailers that send by Standard mail. Standard mail can take up to two weeks to be delivered which can be too late for many industries to win business.

Payments & Billing

What are my payment options?

At there are no setup fees for List Only service. A setup fee of $50 is charged for your postcard artwork submission. Additional fees may be charged if you use our graphic designer for customizing a template or creating a custom postcard. See the 3 setup options.

LEAD ONLY - $.30 per lead

LEAD & FULFILLMENT (includes Lead, Printed Postcard, Postage)

  • 4x6 Postcards - $.94
  • 5.5x8.5 Postcards - $1.18
  • 6x11 Postcards - $1.28

Daily Service delivers leads and postcards mailed every weekday (M-F).  Daily service is billed once per week.  You will receive an invoice on Mondays.

Invoices are automatically paid using the credit card on file.  The invoice is sent showing a zero-balance due.  This invoice should be kept on a record of the charge.  

Charges to your credit card will appear as "First Movers Advantage"

Current Customers

Do you have a question about your service? Please log into your customer account here to see the FAQ for customers.