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The ideal service for movers that just want leads.
Print leads onto your own labels and send postcards from your office. See more about how to mail yourself here.
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Freddie Long
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Ready to print to labels
Verified to Be Homeowner Owned and Occupied
Receive leads at new listing and pending status
by Mile Radius, Zip Code or Counties
by Asking Price of Home
XLS for CRM Import
PDF Formatted to Print to Standard 1'' Labels, 30 per Sheet
The perfect full-service option - We do it all for you!
We'll print and mail your postcards for you the same day that the leads are available. Learn more here.
Highest Quality Postcard Stock - 16pt
Full Color (Two Sides), UV Coating (One Side)
Mailed via 1st Class Postage to Leads
Our Design Site offers 3 options:
Customize a Template
Or Create a Custom Design
Or Upload an Existing Design
XLS for CRM Import
Record of Postcards Mailed That Day!
Monitoring Service - Know a Homeowner's Next Move!
Do you have a list of homeowners that you would like to know when they are ready to move again?
Just provide a list and we will monitor the real estate market and notify you when they have listed.
Pay per Notification (Lead Only Price)
Or Send A Special Postcard (See Pricing Above)
Past Customers
Membership Rosters of Partner Organizations
Real Estate Company's Customers if Preferred Partner
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Learn why quality leads and powerful postcards will improve your sales.

Mail Postcards to Homeowners That Are Ready to Move and Win Their Business.


No, we do not append this information to our leads. You receive the homeowner name and address to contact them by direct mail.

Homeowners on our list have not provided their contact information like they do with Internet Leads. If you contact the homeowner by phone it can be perceived as very intrusive. Direct Mail is a friendly, non-intrusive way for you to reach out and provide your company information to be considered for the job of every homeowner considering a move.

Yes, we offer pending leads for movers that wish to do a follow up mailing to leads that have just become pending.

Our pending leads are of much higher quality than what movers can find from other lead providers. Any properties that enters pending status are thoroughly reviewed to make sure that the status is true, that the homeowner still owns and occupies, and receives mail at the property. After this filtering, our pending list contains only the best leads. Unlike other sources that have you pay for unverified leads, ours will save you time and money by offering fewer, but viable leads. Stop wasting money on leads that will never turn into jobs.

While we offer pending leads, we believe that the best time to contact a homeowner is at the time of new listing. Eighty percent of homeowners make a decision about hiring a mover before they reach the pending stage. If you wait until a home is in pending status to start marketing, you could miss out on most of the opportunities to win business. We recommend you first mail to newly listed homeowners with the option of a second mailing during the pending stage.

We currently offer a Design Site which is a self-serve design tool with three options.

1. USE A TEMPLATE DESIGN - There are lots of templates to choose from that you can customize with your information. We recommend making your postcard as unique as possible, so if you use a template, make sure you add your own photos.

2. DESIGN YOUR OWN - Start with a blank template that either you or your designer can use to create a fully custom postcard. Designs done on the design site will always meet our printer requirements.

The more custom the postcard design, the better the response rates. Don’t have a designer? Here is a resource we recommend for finding a designer.

3. UPLOAD A DESIGN - If you have an existing design, simply use the site to upload your design files. You will be able to check at submission if your design will meet our printing requirements.

You are invoiced once per week. Invoices are automatically paid with the credit card kept on file.

We do not charge setup fees or any other fees. You simply pay per lead or per postcard.

Yes, you can make changes to your list criteria very easily or even suspend your service. As long as we know by 3 pm MST any weekday, we can make the change for the next day’s service.

With our on-demand printing, we have the flexibility to change your postcard artwork too since there are no postcard inventories to use up first.

We know the moving industry ebbs and flows and is why we offer the flexibility to start and stop service easily. There are no monthly subscriptions or long-term commitments. To cancel your service at any time notify us by 3 pm MST weekdays to suspend service for the next day.

Yes, first class postage is more expensive. But it’s worth it. First class postage ensures delivery within days of mailing. Standard mail can take up to two weeks to be delivered.

Also, with first class postage, you will receive returns which means you will know if your list is performing well. Be wary of mailers that send by Standard mail. You may be wasting money on bad leads and experiencing a higher than the industry standard of 10% return rate.