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Tips For Effective Postcard Design

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of movers and have seen many designs tested and tired. Below are our tips on what should be included for a successful design. (Also check out our Video Tutorials on postcard designs.)
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A Strong Visual is a Must

Always include your logo, and design with a color scheme and visuals that represent your company.

Use a unique URL

Use a unique URL to track responses and always keep offers current.

Emphasize Your Contact Information

Your website and phone number should appear on both sides.

See Ultimate Test

See Ultimate Test below about what pictures work best

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Ask For the Order

Tell them what they need to do next.

We Often Suggest Using a Free Estimate as an Initial Offer

Free estimates give homeowners an immediate value that isn’t dependent on them making a purchase.

Tell Them Why You Are The Best Choice

List the benefits of your services.

Keep Copy to a Minimum

When adding copy, keep your message clear, concise and impactful.

Demonstrate Credibility

Include logos to boost your trustworthiness: Better Business Bureau, Trade association, Licence number.

Follow USPS Guildelines

The bottom 3/4'' of the postcard is used by the USPS for barcoding. Text in this area cause the mail to be returned. See Safety Zone & Address area on our specs.

Use a unique email address

Use a unique email address to track responses.

Use a unique URL

Using a unique URL for an offer will entice people to visit your website. You can then track website traffic and quote requests as a response to your campaign. Bonus: no need to update postcard offers or have outdated offers in circulation.

COVID-19 MESSAGING - Postcard should include messaging to reassure potential customers that your company is taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of customers and staff.
Find more information on design tips here.
Use a Unique URL to track responses and always keep offers current. Find more information here.

Does Your Postcard Pass the Ultimate Visual Test?

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