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Postcard Design Specifications

& Submission Instructions

Design and submit your own postcard so we can print and mail your daily leads.  


Step One:  Identify a Graphic Designer

Please work with a graphic designer of your choice to create postcard artwork that will meet our printer's specifications.   We do not provide graphic design services.  Don't have a graphic designer?  Learn how to find a graphic designer here


Additional Resources

We are happy to share what we've learned in over a decade of helping movers with direct mail.  Check out our Design Cheatsheet (PDF) and blog post Get More Calls with These 9 Simple Postcard Tips.  


Step Two:  Review & Follow Postcard Specs 

Below, you'll find both the specifications details and sizes of our postcards.  Make sure that your graphic designer has these documents before they begin designing. 



  • The resolution must be 300 DPI.  All images and/or logos placed in a file must be 300 DPI as well or vector
  • All text, logos and critical visuals must stay inside the margins
  • No logos, text, or images inside the address or indicia zones
  • The final design must be a PDF
  • Please include an attached folder of fonts (preferred) or text outlined
  • Do NOT include crop/printer marks on final design



  • Trim 4x6: Set image size to 4.2 inches x 6.2 inches
  • Trim 5.5x8.5: Set image size to 5.7 inches x 8.7 inches
  • Trim 6x11: Set image size to 6.2 inches x 11.2 inches
  • Margins are .2" all sides, Bleed .1" all sides
  • See visuals of size specifications below


Please download our Specification Sheets and give to your designer.


Design Files are also available to download. 


Step Three:  Export & Submit Your Design

Review the design to make sure it abides by all the design specifications.  Export your design in PDF format.  


In the PDF export settings, please make sure:

  • Compression is at 300 DPI
  • "All Printer's Marks" is unchecked
  • "Use Document Bleed Settings" is checked



  • Upload your file when you are completing your online signup 
  • Email your PDF  
  • For large files, you may need to email a link from a file sharing service like Dropbox 


4x6 Specifications

Margin front sizetemplate postcards v1.2

Margin back sizetemplate postcards v1.2

5.5x8.5 Specifications

5.5x8.5 margin sizing postcard frontdiy

5.5x8.5 margin sizing postcard backdiy v2

6x11 Specifications

6x11 margin sizing postcard frontdiy

6x11 margin sizing postcard backdiy v2

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