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Direct Mail Works for Movers, and We Offer You a Way to Prove It!

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Does Direct Mail Work for Movers? Yes!

Let's Do The Math
For every 100 leads sent a postcard, you are likely to get 1-3 responses and book one large household move.
1-3 Responses
On Average
100 Postcards Sent
We mail 4x6 postcards for $94
1 Large Household Move
Average $3,000-$5,000
For most movers, spending $94 to win $3,000 or more in revenue works for their marketing budget. How about you?

Best Response in Industry

With an average response rate between 1-3%, direct mail outperforms other marketing channels, including phone calls (.2%) and emails (.1%).

Earn Great Revenue

Focus your marketing budget on leads with the highest revenue potential and earn two times more than with internet leads.

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