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Why?  Because Internet Leads SUCK!
Internet leads seem like they should be amazing leads because they provide real-time contact information (phone numbers and emails) for people who have signed up on a website and are seeking a mover. These leads are bad because they are:
  • Oversold – Leads are sold over and over to lots of movers making it impossible to win.
  • Poor Quality – These leads are smaller moves and in some cases, just plain BOGUS LEADS.
  • Reach Small % of Potential Customers – Very few people find a mover through these websites.
  • Passive Marketing – Why wait for people to reach out to you? There are more proactive ways to find leads.
Learn all the reasons Why Internet Leads Suck.
Learn How Direct Mail is a Better Solution for Movers
Direct Mail vs. Internet Leads
  • Be Proactive and "Ask" Homeowners for their Business
  • Reach 100% of the Homeowners Ready to Move
  • Largest Household Moves with the Highest Revenue

Direct Mail Works for Movers!

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