We do not sell Internet Leads

Why? Because Internet Leads Suck!

Internet leads seem like they should be amazing leads because they provide real-time contact information (phone numbers and emails) for people who have signed up on a website and are seeking a mover. These leads are bad because they are:

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    Leads are sold over and over to lots of movers making it impossible to win.
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    Poor Quality
    These leads are smaller moves and in some cases, just plain BOGUS LEADS.
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    Reach Small % of Potential Customers
    Very few people find a mover through these websites.
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    Passive Marketing
    Why wait for people to reach out to you? There are more proactive ways to find leads.
Learn all the reasons Why Internet Leads Suck

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Internet Leads

Recently advertised homes that are new "for sale" or "pending" status. All leads are then verified to be homeowner owned and occupied. People sign up on a website to find a mover (could be homeowners, or renters, etc).
Potential to reach 100% of homeowners with homes for sale.
Verified to be homeowner owned, occupied and ready to move.
Since you are reaching current homeowners moving again, these tend to be the largest household moves for movers.

Only about 2% of households find a mover through websites requiring them to sign up to receive quotes from multiple movers.

Very low quality. This type of mover tends to be small rental and apartment moves, looking for labor only and not full-service movers, or worse, are not legitimate leads.

Contact Information Provided

Homeowner name and address to contact by direct mail - either postcard or letter.

Homeowners do not “opt in” to be contacted by phone or email, so this information is not provided.

Homeowner requests that a few movers contact by phone or email.
Response Rates
Direct Mail is a friendly, nonintrusive way to ask the homeowner for their business. Direct Mail offers one of the highest response rates for the industry. Internet leads are often oversold, even to 5 or 10 movers. If you aren’t one of the first companies to reach the homeowner, you are out of luck.
88% of homeowners report that they will research at least 3 or more movers. Direct mail is a proactive way to reach homeowners and provide them your information, so they can research you. These leads are very competitive. If you don’t reach the consumer first, you will not have a chance to win their business. In fact, you will be blamed for the many phone calls.

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