MLS Lead Lists Vs Our Quality Moving Lead Lists

December 31, 2016

At, we are often asked – “How are your leads any different than the leads I can get from someone that has access to the MLS listings? Aren't they the same leads you would give me?"

Here's the answer.

MLS Listings Vs. Leads

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a platform real estate agents use to post their listings.  The MLS is a compiling of raw data including: 

Based on our customers’ experience, lists sourced from the MLS typically include a lot of bad leads that don’t result in new business.  We take the RAW Data and remove the leads that aren’t going to result in booked moves.

Here are some examples.

At, we use the latest data available to verify that our leads are real opportunities for your business. 

We recently reviewed a client provided MLS list and compared it to our list.  What we found was that 52% of the leads on the MLS list were bad leads.  These leads would have been suppressed by because they are not viable leads. The mover was wasting a lot of money mailing to empty houses.

Of the MLS List, only 48% would have been considered "verified" by and included in your list or mailing.

Stop wasting your money on Bad Direct Mail Leads!

Use for your lead lists. We take the raw data and only send you qualified, owner-occupied listings.

The Verification Process

We strive to beat industry standards in every metric by using the most reliable sources to double verify our leads.

We verify with County Records in order to:

We verify with the USPS to:

We target & filter the leads by locations you choose AND list asking price of the home to create a custom list of leads for you.

At, we have a proven track record of success.

Take it from one of our clients: 

“ is a wonderful company. We recently switched from another company where we were receiving too many mailers back as un-mailable.   After about 6 months with the company, we are receiving .06% of the mailers back. We wish we would have switched sooner.” – Nadia W., CA moving company

We know that automated postcards will save you time and money. Our qualified leads; owner-occupied, new listings; will result in you booking more big household moves. 

Call us at 303-443-0767 to get started!

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