Choosing the Perfect Image for Optimal Postcard Success

November 08, 2023

When it comes to postcard marketing, the picture you choose is the key design element for a successful campaign. In a matter of seconds, you need to captivate the attention of homeowners and instantly show that you are a moving company. That’s why we emphasize the power of visuals in mover’s marketing.

Here’s a simple test we recommend: Strip away all the words on your postcard and focus solely on the picture. Does the image instantly convey that the postcard is from a mover? This test helps you gauge the visual impact of your picture, an element that can make or break your advertising material.

Over the years, we have tried and tested a variety of visuals. While a postcard with a clever cow and the words “MOOOving” may seem witty, we’ve found that puns or images that aren’t clearly associated with movers can confuse homeowners. Even pictures of families with moving boxes don’t always indicate the postcard is from a mover.

Without a doubt, a picture of your moving truck is a winner when it comes to instantly conveying that the postcard is from a professional mover. While there are templates with stock photos available, using a template design runs the risk of having a similar postcard, or worse, featuring the exact same picture as another company.

Fortunately, obtaining a picture of your truck is easier than ever. You can use your smartphone to capture a high-quality image. Including your moving crew in the picture is also a great idea as an introduction for the homeowners to see exactly who will be assisting them during their move.

Once you have a solid image or picture of your moving truck, we strongly recommend utilizing the services of a professional graphic designer. Taking the time and investment to use your own photos and create a customized and powerful postcard design is well worth it. A unique and personalized postcard instantly grabs the attention of homeowners and yields exceptional response rates.

At Moving Leads, we understand the importance of strong visuals in your mover’s marketing campaign. With our expertise and resources, we can assist you in creating a compelling postcard that leaves a lasting impression on homeowners. A picture is with a thousand words, so be sure to invest in visually appealing postcards that stand out from the crowd and drive remarkable results.

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