Strengthen Your Direct Mail Campaign for the Fall Season

October 12, 2023

Photo by Marta Wave via Pexels

As the leaves change colors and the air begins to cool, the pace of marketing undergoes a shift. With most families already settled into their new homes and adjusting to the start of the school year, there may be fewer available leads. However, it is important to note that new homes continue to be listed for sale during these months, causing a need for you to adjust your marketing approach.

To ensure a steady flow of leads each week, we recommend widening your search criteria. You can do this by increasing the mile radius or adding additional zip codes in your surrounding area. Additionally, it may be beneficial to adjust the minimum and maximum asking prices of the homes you’re targeting, especially if they were narrowed down during the summer months.

During this time of year, homes tend to stay on the market for longer durations. As a result, homeowners may not be ready to hire a mover until 60 days or more after your initial mailing. While homeowners do hold onto postcards, it’s an opportune moment to consider implementing retargeting mailings to maintain visibility and engagement.

At Moving Leads, we offer movers options to stay “top of mind” with potential customers. It is a great time to send a second postcard mailing to pending homes: We actively monitor the market to identify newly pending homes and re-verify that they are still homeowner owned and occupied. When a homeowner's home has gone pending, a well-timed postcard serves as a reminder of your services, ensuring you stay top of mind for their upcoming move. We also re-target homes unsold after 90 Days. If a listing remains active after 90 days, we employ a thorough re-verification process to confirm that homeowners are still receiving mail at the property. Such leads are then added back into our system and automatically included in your weekly list. This re-targeted mailing allows you to advertise your moving services to all active potential customers in your area.

At Moving Leads, we prioritize customization and flexibility. We provide you with the option to tailor your services and offer automated follow-ups to keep your Fall and Winter seasons bustling with business.

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