3 Resources for Setting Up a Winning Campaign

October 06, 2020

Photo by David Lezcano via Unsplash

Check Out Our 3 Resources for Winning a Campaign

We know that direct mail works for movers, and we can prove it by providing these resources to improve and measure the success of your campaign.

  1. Campaign Rubric - Our new tool to score your decisions when you are just starting out or wanting to improve a current campaign. What's your score?
  2. Checklist for Tracking Responses - Tips and information about our Response Tracker feature to measure your campaign's success.
  3. Leads to Target Your Best Potential Customers - Learn more in our video below about how to use direct mail to target your best potential customers.

Reach Homeowners with Facebook Ads Too!


Coming soon!  We are excited to soon offer services to help movers boost their marketing with Facebook campaigns.  Learn more here and to be added to the waitlist.

October Real Estate Rundown

Our latest real estate rundown dives into the increase of business moving companies are reporting, big growth opportunities for the moving services market, how moving companies are adapting amongst pandemic restrictions, real estate trends reinforcing uncertainty ahead, and how the working from home shift might be a factor for relocating for home buyers.


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