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October 02, 2020

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Are you looking for new ways to promote your moving company? Facebook is the biggest social media platform, and it provides an affordable way for your business to target customers who are likely to hire a full-service mover. One of the fastest and most effective ways to reach a broad range of potential customers is a Facebook Ad and a Custom Audience.


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Below we share some insights into the elements needed to set up and manage a Facebook campaign.


Start with a Great Audience

Nearly 80% of all Internet users have Facebook profiles. You will need to create an "audience" to reach specific users for your ad campaign. Facebook offers ways to segment users by demographics, special interests, and more, but these filters are not enough to target your best moving customers.

Due to recent changes on Facebook, you can now upload a Custom Audience for your marketing campaigns. A Custom Audience can be a list of past customers, people who responded on your website, etc. For moving companies, offers an audience that identifies homeowners who have recently listed their homes for sale! With this Custom Audience, you will target the highest quality moving leads in the industry at the perfect time. Since a significant number of users check their Facebook page a couple of times a day, your ads will reach them before they decide to hire a mover.


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Design an Effective Ad

After you identify the right audience, your ad design needs to be well thought out to perform well. Good artwork requires the right balance between visually appealing and attention-grabbing imagery to attract potential customers. Your ad should include enough information, and something of value, to persuade users to click on it.


Importance of Response Collection

The number of responses will make or break your campaign. You have two options: design a landing page, or collect a response within the ad. A successful landing page will engage the user and provide additional information for the next step. You can also set up ads so people can just tap on your ad and see a pop-up form that is pre-filled with their Facebook contact information. Then they just tap again to respond. Either method of collecting the sales lead can send you an email or easily integrate into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.


Ongoing Monitoring & Adjustments

Facebook campaigns do require monitoring and fine-tuning. Beyond creating the perfect ad, finding the right placement for it requires tracking results and making adjustments. Running a campaign can be very time-consuming, so plan on designating time if you want to manage the campaign on your own.


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Reasons to Consider Hiring a Facebook Expert to Manage Your Campaign

The most significant benefit of hiring a Facebook Ads professional is that you can capitalize on their extensive experience and professional insights. Your campaign will launch successfully and quickly deliver quality sales leads.


How Facebook Marketing Works with

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