Real Estate Rundown by Moving Leads | October 2020

October 01, 2020

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Moving Companies Report Recent Increases in Business

Marc Rogers, CEO of UniGroup, recently sat down with Yahoo Finance to discuss his experience and insights on the latest moving industry trends. While the pandemic did hit businesses hard in the earlier half of the year, Rogers goes on to explain how quickly things have started to turn around. 

“We are starting to see that movement and a lot of things happening for consumers as they're making decisions quite a bit driven by the pandemic,” Rogers said. “We're seeing over 10% of our consumers are making the decision to move because of the pandemic.”

New Study Suggests Big Growth for Moving Services Market

A new study on the moving services market is projecting continued growth through at least 2025. According to the report, the biggest causes for this growth will likely be the overall increase in renters entering the market as well as the growing frequency of job-related relocations.

The study also looked at emerging trends driving efficient business practices and found this can be largely attributed to sophisticated CRM tools and customer engagement analytics. Some challenges facing the industry continue to center on high costs and overall concerns around moving scams. 

Moving Companies Get Creative Amidst Pandemic Restrictions

It’s no surprise that social distancing practices have proven to be a major obstacle for the moving industry. While it was previously seen as a convenience to hire a crew of moving professionals, more homeowners are opting against this service to prevent possible exposure to COVID-19. In response, more moving companies are finding creative solutions like a “no contact moving service.”

So, how exactly does that work? Well, rather than having a moving professional come in and pack everything up, homeowners essentially take on this task themselves. While this may sound no different than simply buying some boxes and loading up a truck, moving companies essentially “coach” the homeowners through the process to ensure everything is appropriately packed to avoid any damage. 

In order to make a contactless move possible, many companies have taken a stricter approach to safety and flexibility. Flexible cancelation policies, expanded POD services, temperature checks, and extensive PPE are just a few examples of how the moving industry is adapting to serve customers during this time.

Real Estate Trends in Dallas Reinforce Uncertainty Ahead

There’s a lot to learn from real estate trends in Dallas. While other major cities are experiencing a sort of exodus to the suburbs, Dallas homebuyers have tended to stay in the city. They’re “moving up,” rather than “moving out,” as D Magazine points out. 

While this is promising news for moving services operating at a regional or local level, there is still uncertainty about what to expect in the year ahead. Experts are quick to point out the low inventory of houses for sale may have long-term effects. This, paired with ongoing concerns about how to safely relocate during a pandemic, has made it difficult to predict market trends going forward.

How Working From Home Might be a Factor for Relocating

As more companies commit to work from home policies in the long-term, some experts have noticed more homebuyers on the market with retirement in mind. While studies have yet to confirm just how prevalent this truly is, the anecdotal evidence suggests many people are choosing to relocate earlier than previously planned.

With this in mind, professionals serving warmer-climate states (particularly Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Texas) may start to see an influx of folks moving in.

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