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Turn Big Data into New Business

December 09, 2018

There is a lot of buzz about companies using “Big Data” to strategize and target their ideal customers.  In most cases, this simply means using data available to identify consumers that are most likely to purchase your products or services. You can then focusing marketing efforts and dollars on only the ideal prospects.  

Every year, over 5 million homes are listed for sale.  Homeowners actively participating in the real estate market are considered pre-movers - “before” they move.  Pre-mover status is a reliable indicator that a consumer will be in the market for many new products and services, making them an ideal prospect to target.  This is especially true for the moving industry!

For the past 15 years, our core business has been providing pre-mover data to several invested industries.   We turn raw data into viable data for the moving industry to better target the ideal customers. 

We interact with that data in many ways, including;

  • Daily collection and double verification of data
  • Targeting the ideal demographic
  • Appending data to improve response rates
  • Monitoring datasets & notification services

For a more detailed look at how we verify our data and how it differs from raw data like on the MLS, check out MLS Lead Lists vs. Our Quality Moving Lead Lists.


To target individual consumers, big data uses demographics, typically age, income, household size, etc.  Unlike other moving lead sources that include renters or small apartment moves, our leads are made up of homeowners with an established household.

We recently did a study to identify the demographic factors in our data and found that the ideal demographics for the moving industry are built into our data!   

Here is a recap of what the study found:

  • Age -  Currently, the majority of homes on the market are made of up households that are 50+ years old. This is a result of households downsizing or consolidating.
  • Income - The price of the home directly correlates to Income.  Pre-Movers are financially secure as they have previously qualified for homeownership and are expecting to purchase a new home. The price of the house reflects the income level of the homeowner based on qualifying for a mortgage loan amount. By setting a minimum and maximum asking price of the homes you target, you can effectively segment your market by income.
  • Household Size - The price of the home can also be a good indicator of the size of the home. Since pre-movers are currently living in a home and have, on average, lived in their current home for at least 4 to 6 years, they will have plenty of goods to move.
  • Custom Criteria - When you use our service, you can customize your criteria to pinpoint the ideal prospects in your area.  Learn more here about Pinpointing Your Ideal Customers.



“Big data” refers to using multiple data sets to enhance and complete information on individual consumers.  We only append data that will improve the effectiveness of marketing.

  • Homeowner Name - We append homeowner names to verify the home is owned by a homeowner and also so that any marketing pieces are personalized for better response rates.  A recent study on direct mail confirmed the value of this, finding that over half of respondents are more likely to open it. If you’re getting a list from another source that only has “current resident” and not homeowner name, then it’s probably not a verified lead.

  • Real Estate Company and Agent - Do you have a partner relationship with a Real Estate Company?  We collect data on the listing real estate company and can set up a direct mail campaign to send targeted, co-branded postcards to specific real estate company listings.   Response rates for co-branded pieces are great! So make sure you are taking advantage of the opportunity. Contact us for more information about how we can send co-branded postcards. You can learn more about how you can build an Agent Outreach Referral Program here.

  • Why we don’t append phone or email data - Homeowners anticipate a level of privacy and expect that they are able to “opt-in” to be contacted by phone and email from marketers. Since homeowners on our list have not opted in for this form of contact, phone or email can be perceived as intrusive. Direct Mail is a friendly, non-intrusive way for you to reach 100 percent of homeowners that are planning a move in your area.  See our article about why direct mail works for movers.



We are set up to monitor large sets of data and send notifications of matches to the current pre-movers. This feature can be used to enhance marketing campaigns for improved response rates.

Clairvoyance - Know when your past customers are potential new customers.

Did you know that you have your own data set? Past customers can be monitored so that you can contact them when they are ready to move again.  We will give you the gift of clairvoyance - knowing when your past customer is planning to move again! Our service will monitor your list of past customers and notify you when they are planning their next move. We can even send a postcard for you reminding the homeowner about your past relationship.  See more details here.

Partner Data Monitoring

Do you have a partnership with a member organization? We can monitor a membership list and notify you when a member is about to move.  Again, we can automate the outreach to these special potential customers with co-branded postcards.

Use our data to bring in more business.

When used properly, data gives you the upper-hand or advantage, making your marketing more on point and effective.

Once you sign up for, we’ll send you a verified list daily. If you select our postcard fulfillment service, we’ll print and mail postcards to your leads every weekday.  Our digital printing system allows us to print on demand, without minimums so you can get the personalized message out to your leads as soon as they come in, beating the competition with a personalized postcard. Contact us today to sign up! Give us a call at 303-443-0767 or email