The Importance of Response Tracking for Your Direct Mail Campaign

February 07, 2024

Photo by Artem Podrez via Pexels

Are you struggling to effectively track responses for your direct mail campaign? You’re not alone. In fact, a recent survey reveals that 50% of movers do not track responses. Setting up such a system can be time-consuming, difficult to manage, and often fails to provide an accurate count.

Response tracking is crucial to understanding the success of your mailing and the role of postcards within your marketing mix. However, traditional tracking methods rely on consumers to self-report the source in their response. When asked a general question like “How did you hear about us?”, you may receive random and vague answers like “I saw a trick” or “I found you online”. The postcard they hold in their hand may be completely overlooked. Even special tracking phone numbers can prove unreliable. Surprisingly, up to 94% of people who receive your postcard will visit your website first and may use the phone number displayed on your website, rather than the dedicated tracking number. Additionally, when completing your online quote form, a general question for self-reporting often leads to a generic “other” selection. This makes it difficult to accurately attribute the response to your postcard.

To avoid misinterpretation, the best approach is to match all responses back to your original mailing list. By doing so, you can properly identify if the person received your postcard as a part of your campaign.

In the past, this type of reporting would have required a significant amount of time and research for you and your team. Fortunately, we have a solution to streamline this process. Moving Leads offers a complimentary response tracker with our services. Download our Response tracker guide for instructions on how to access. 

Simply log into your account portal, where you will have the power to automatically match addresses from your appointments and booked jobs to your Moving Leads list. By recording the responses received and generating downloadable reports, you can easily track the impact and effectiveness of your direct mail campaign.

Don’t let the challenges of response tracking hold you back. Take advantage of our response tracking tool and unlock the true potential of your direct mail campaign.

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