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September 03, 2021

Finding and buying quality and qualified moving leads can be a challenge for any business including moving companies. Organically it is nearly impossible nowadays to reach your ideal customer due to the digital clutter that is pulling your potential customers in so many different directions. has been working with movers since 2003 to push past the clutter, reach your best prospects at just the right time, and in a non-intrusive and friendly way with direct mail campaigns.  


Data Sourcing

Our primary business is data - meaning we practice according to the highest standards of data collection and hygiene. We monitor the real estate market and collect addresses of properties for sale from multiple public sources. We do not use list brokers or lists from other companies. When you work with us, you work directly with the list publisher. We carefully filter our data to ensure our leads are homeowner-owned, occupied, and ready to hire a mover. 

The Freshest Leads collects leads as soon as the house is advertised for sale. Every weekday, we filter the leads and provide you a new list of leads from the previous day’s collection.

We also monitor the active listings and can provide a daily list of homes that have just changed to pending status.

Internet Leads Suck!

Unlike internet leads our leads are not oversold and are qualified to be the largest household moves with the highest revenue potential. Read more on all the reasons why you should not invest in junk internet lead. 


Direct mail really works for movers! It is the best way to reach 100% of your potential customers in your area with a friendly, non-intrusive “ask” for their business. Learn more about how the combination of quality leads and direct mail can increase your revenue. 

According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail has the highest response rate, other than telephone marketing, with more than double the response of any type of digital, social, or online marketing strategy.

Direct mail household response rate is at 1-2%  (compared to .2% mobile, .1% email, .1% social media, and .02% internet display).


When setting up your direct mail campaign we offer targeting options to ensure you are reaching homeowners that can offer the highest revenue moves. 


Our geotargeting functionality allows you to target homeowners by one of the following 

  1. Zip Codes
  2. Counties
  3. Mile Radius from a central point i.e. your office

Asking Price of Home

Home prices are a good indicator of the size of the home and the household’s income so you know specifically what types of moves your postcards are targeting. The lead filter allows you to set a minimum and maximum asking price for the leads you want. This filters out homes that are unlikely to hire a full-service mover or moves that may not fit your ideal job preferences (too large, too small, etc.). 


We offer our customers the most flexible and affordable way to reach the best moving leads in the industry. You pay per lead or per postcard and we allow you to pick a service to fit any budget. To ensure you are satisfied with our offerings, there are no upfront costs for postcard inventories or postage deposits. We also do not require long-term commitments or monthly subscriptions. 

Leads Only - .30¢ per Lead

If you are looking for a lead-only service so you and your team can mail your postcards on your own this is the ideal service for you. Our leads are formatted so you can print your leads on your own labels. Learn more about how to mail yourself here

Leads + Postcard Fulfillment 

Looking for a turnkey solution for your direct mail campaign? We offer an automated full-service option where we print and mail your postcards for you the same day the leads are available. Check out how our fully automated service can save you time and money here

Pricing Per Postcard*

*Sales tax may be applied based on state

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