Personalization Drives Response Rates of Direct Mail Higher

October 23, 2017


Direct Mail Response Rates Are Better Than Ever and Personalization is the Difference

Direct Mail is one the best tools movers can use to build a strong sales pipeline. 

However, not all Direct Mail lead lists deliver the same results.

The response rates of personalized direct mail are increasing, as seen below.

The DMA reports that in 2016:

 Customer response rates increased year-over-year by an impressive 43%, but prospect response rates more than doubled – reporting an astounding 190% increase.”

To make sure that your Direct Mail achieves the highest response rates, personalization should be incorporated into your marketing.

3 Ways Personalization Increases Response Rates


If you are relying on MLS listings or other services that only provide “homeowner” or “current resident”, your mailings are at a disadvantage.

Postcards addressed to the homeowner and delivered with first class postage, mentally translate into:

 “This mail is for me"


“This is junk mail.”

Addressing your postcard with the homeowner name establishes a strong personal connection.

recent study on direct mail confirmed the value of a personalized postcard:

“Survey Question: Does the customization or personalization of a direct mail piece make you more likely to open/read it?

29.2% "Yes, Much more likely"

55%   "Yes, a little more likely."

With numbers like that, you need to be personalizing.


Your postcard artwork is an opportunity to connect with the homeowner. 

It acts as the initial introduction to your business and your marketing message.

Studies show that postcards increase retention of information compared to other forms of marketing. Delivering a tangible link to your business into the hands of homeowners increases the likelihood they will remember you when it is time to move and reach out.

 We call this the “Refrigerator Effect” because homeowners will save your postcard (on their refrigerator) until they are ready to move.  This will lead to more calls and online searches of your website, driving up your response rates.


Verified Leads

Digital Intelligence allows us to verify each lead and gives us valuable information about the homeowner, so you’re able to target your lead lists.

STOP wasting money mailing to empty homes or non-viable leads, which is common when using raw data.  Your lead source should be verifying that every lead is homeowner owned and occupied. 

Custom Targeting

Target leads by geographic location and asking price of the home so you only mail to the ideal homeowners.

Make sure you are both verifying and targeting your leads, so you can get the highest possible ROI for your marketing

At, we have been providing quality moving leads to movers since 2003.

The leads you receive from are:

With our moving leads, you will only mail (and pay for) leads that are pre-disposed to hire your company for their move, which will increase your response rates and your Marketing ROI.

We know it works and so do our customers. Wondering how many new moving leads are in your area? We've got the answer.

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