19 Ways to Get the Highest Revenue Leads to Grow Your Moving Business

September 09, 2021

After working with movers for close to 20 years, we know the tricks of the trade on how to get the highest quality leads, how to convert them into high-paying customers, and ultimately grow your moving company. Building a revenue-driving customer base may not happen overnight, but if you follow some of the advice below you will be well on your way to adding qualified moving leads into your sales pipeline. Our goal is to get you answering calls and booking high-revenue jobs before you know it. 



Before you can even begin attracting ideal customers make sure you establish a solid brand identity that your company can revolve around. What does this look like?

  1. Cohesive Positioning, Messaging, and Communication - Ensure your target customer gets the same message across all your marketing platforms and interactions with your company (sales calls, customer service, etc.) 
  2. Strong Brand Standards - The visual design of your brand should also be consistent. Your central color scheme should be mirrored everywhere it is used (your website, digital ads, business cards, etc.). Stick to a theme that is ultimately your brand identity. 
  3. Logo - A simple but attractive logo that conveys your company’s purpose is also key. If all the words are stripped from your communication platforms, consumers should still associate them with your brand. 



Unlike in the past, it is becoming more and more difficult to acquire leads organically. Consumers are inundated with so many ads online and offline that companies need to act strategically to grab their attention long enough to draw them into their sales funnel.  

Part of your strategy should be to purchase quality moving leads that are not oversold to your competitors. Leads that are filtered to guarantee they are still homeowner-owned and occupied, and that they are available the same day the lead lists their home on the market. We practice the best data hygiene practices so our customers are provided just what we highlighted above - the highest quality leads in the industry. Learn here what sets us apart and why you should partner with us for your moving leads provider.   



Our expertise is direct mail for moving companies. Why? Because we know it works for great movers. Direct mail has the best response in the industry. With an average response rate between 1-3%, direct mail outperforms other marketing channels, including phone calls (.2%) and emails (.1%). We’ve seen our customers use our high-quality leads with the highest revenue potential to earn two times more than movers that use internet leads.  

We offer our customers a lead-only option if they would like to mail postcards directly out of their offices every day. For movers that want a turnkey fully automated option, our lead + fulfillment services make that happen. After a postcard design is submitted, we automatically print the lead onto your postcards and they are printed and mailed first-class the same day the lead becomes available.  



Adding high-quality decals to your moving trucks may seem like a daunting cost, but the investment is well worth the reward. Think of your trucks as moving billboards. 

  1. Reaching Target Audience - Your trucks tend to circulate in your target market already, so you are capturing the attention of folks within your target audience. Unlike billboards, you do not have to pay a monthly fee to feature your logo or website in a large format.  
  2. High Impressions - Mobile outdoor advertising is the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 80,000 impressions daily based on how heavily trafficked the area the truck is transiting through. Consider reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising. 
  3. Brand Recognition - Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15x greater than other advertising media. Make sure your decal contains “evergreen” content meaning it is content that will never change and you invest in high-quality decal materials. 3M is the leader in the vehicle wrap industry and ensures you get UV protective wraps to stand up to the weather.   
  4. Source: Car Advertising Statistics

We recommend starting with 3M’s products and then working on syncing up with a local company that specializes in “vehicle wraps” to see if they offer the service that will result in the end product you want on your fleet. 



You wouldn’t open a brick-and-mortar storefront and then neglect to maintain and clean your offices where your customers visit, right? Think of your website as your digital storefront. You should check and test your website frequently to ensure everything is maintained, functioning properly, and your sales leads have a strong enough experience to progress down your sales funnel into a conversion.  

Here is a checklist you can use when checking your website’s functionality and ensuring it is optimized for lead conversions.
  1. Heat Maps or Google Page Analytics - Google has a Chrome plugin that works on your website to show the click-through rate (CTR) on any clickable elements on your website (menus, buttons, links, etc.). First, you will need to sign up for Google Analytics. Then you will need to generate your Google pixel and add it to the backend of the pages you want to analyze. From there, install the Page Analytics (by Google) plug-in from the Chrome Web Store. After it is installed, check to make sure the Page Analytics plug-in is turned on and has full access to your site. Navigate to your website and the analytics will show at the top and each CTR will show up next to all clickable content. Any items that have low CTR’s should be moved or removed if not necessary for your user’s experience.   
  2. A/B Testing Large Scale - Split testing your homepage (or other key pages) against a landing page is a great way to see if your pages are optimized for the best conversions. 
  3. A/B Testing Granular - Here you can evaluate if one element on a specific page is working better over another. For instance, on our site, MovingLeads.com, we test different hero images for our homepage or if a button vs. a link works better. After an A/B test concludes, you can judge which option you should move forward with based on the optimal data.
  4. Create Ideal User Experience (UX)
    1. Follow Conventions - Your logo placement, photos, and overall layout should be crafted carefully - follow conventions like the logo in the upper lefthand corner, the main menu at the top, etc. 
    2. Fast Load Times - Consumers don’t like waiting for anything on their desktop or phone. Shoot for load times no more than 1 -2 seconds
    3. Distinguished Links & Buttons - Links should look like links! Think underlined text with the stereotypical blue color or something that contrasts with the rest of the content. Buttons should also be bold and bright so they do not get lost. 
    4. Simple, Concise, and Consistent Design - Empty space is your friend, do not overcrowd your pages. Ensure you are sticking to your brand’s colors and fonts for a consistent and familiar experience. Readable Content - Keeping headlines short and sweet, breaking text into bullets, and not inundating your users with large blocks of text are all great ways to improve your UX 
    5. Optimize for Mobile - Users expect website experiences on whatever device they are on to be fully responsive, so if your site is not mobile-friendly you will lose a lot of users.



SEO stands for search engine optimization and there are SEO techniques you can use on your website to boost your website to the top of search engine results like Google or Bing. The following can symbiotically work together in moving your website up to the top of the search results.  

  1. Pre-Analyze & Continue to Analyze your Site Data - Digital media can be constantly analyzed, so companies and marketers who are good at consistently looking at their data and making smart and informed decisions based on those guides will have a leg up on their competition. One way to analyze your website’s performance is Google Search Console. GSC shows you user behavior reports to see how visitors to your site behave once they get there in point 5a. above we also outline additional ways to track and analyze your site data. 
  2. Keyword Research - Understanding what your audience is searching for and how you are the best solution to their problems or the best answer to their questions is super valuable in boosting your SEO. When you have a collection, start with just typing in keywords you think your users might be using like “New York City Mover”  
  3. Blogging - A very valuable piece of real estate on your website is your blog. High-quality content can improve your credibility while driving traffic to your website and improving your SEO.
  4. On-Page SEO - Use the thorough keyword research you used in point b. above to craft headlines, subheadlines, URL slugs, and meta tags. Use caution and do not stuff your content with too many keywords and be sure your content is relevant and contextual.
  5. Off-Page SEO - Ensure your site is also linked from your blogs, social media mentions, influencers you collaborate with, etc. The goal is to get your website on well-respected publications and sources. Please note it can be hurtful if your site is featured on low-authority sites.  
  6. Quality Backlinks - A very important factor, if not the most important factor,  in moving your site up the organic ranks is backlinks. You should work hard to collaborate with well-respected publications and sources to get your links featured on their sites and in return you should feature one of their links on your site. 



Email is a powerful tool to stay in touch with your subscribers. When a person subscribes to your email list they are a captive audience that has willfully expressed that they want to keep hearing from you. All the same, there are challenges with email marketing. The average number of emails a person receives every day is 120+ and that number continues to climb*. These few tips will help your open and click-through rates with the ultimate goal of putting prospects in direct contact with you to make the conversion. 

  1. Polished Look and Feel - Your email should look professional and should follow the branding standards that we summarized in point one above. Make sure your logo is front and center so they know immediately the email is coming from you. Using email marketing tools like Mailchimp or Constant Contact can help you if the design portion is not your strong suit. 
  2. Short, Enticing Subject Lines - We’ve all gotten those emails that say something along the lines of “Hurry this Sale Ends Soon!” or something that draws the recipient to open the email. You should do the same with your subject line, try to add a hook that draws them or piques their interest. Unique selling points or offers are a great place to start. It is also key to keep your subject lines short. Especially now that people are using mobile devices to check their emails, it is recommended to use no more than 9 words and a total of 60 characters. 
  3. Digestible Content - Long descriptive paragraphs are a thing of the past. It is important to have informative information, but try to break it up into sections with dividers and find creative ways to present your email’s content like bullets. Sprinkling graphics and images are also very important. People want to get to know you through images of your crew, your trucks, or your lead salesperson. Email is a great way to personalize your brand messages and build relationships.  
  4. Call to Action (don’t overdo it) - Too many call-to-action buttons or links can confuse email recipients or worse frustrate them to the point that they do not take any action or even unsubscribe from your email list. Essentially our advice is don't act like a cheap salesman. We recommend having one attractive call to action like “Click here for $50 off your local move” followed by a bright button that matches your branding.   

*Source: The Surprising Reality of How Many Emails Are Sent Per Day in 2021



You’ve got a bunch of new sales leads, now what? CRM stands for customer relationship manager and it is a software system that helps businesses build and keep track of relationships with sales leads all the way up to long-time customers. We highly recommend looking into a CRM system that works well for your business growth and sales goals because it can add automation that eliminates endless spreadsheets, haphazard calendar reminders, things falling through the cracks, etc. Our team uses Freshsales, and there are many excellent CRM software options available. Here’s a list to start your CRM research process



Like your website, your Google My Business account is critical to establishing a great reputation for your business in this digital age we live in. Google is the largest search engine in the world, so neglecting to have a Google My Business account is a huge missed opportunity for gaining awareness and traffic to your website or office. Learn how to claim your business profile or create one on Google here 

Once you’ve set up your business profile follow the tips that Google provides on how to best optimize your account. For instance add the basics like your website, your hours of operation, your logo, etc. If you are going to add content like photos, videos, products, or posts ensure you are using “evergreen” content that will always be relevant so you don’t forget to update your profile and ultimately have out-of-date information. 



The power of social media is strong. Facebook alone has over 2.7 billion monthly active users. If you already have a decent following you have a leg up on the competition and unpaid promotions and communication may work. Although all businesses are facing the same challenges in that social media companies are adjusting their algorithms to ensure you add to their bottom line. Social is now very much a pay-to-play space. If you want to play in this space there are some pros and cons.  



Our advice? Establish a good roadmap before you dive in. Establish goals, objectives, identify your ideal target customer, start with small budgets and manageable tactics. From there do a lot of testing with ads you’re putting out there and continue to tweak your strategy from there. Analyze what has worked for you organically and lean towards platforms that you have the most following or where you have already seen the most engagement. 



The pay per click space (PPC) is an intimidating one, fortunately, if done correctly, it can be a lower-risk way to experiment with what may work to draw the correct leads to consider your moving services. However, it can also be a very risky space where lots of time and money can go wasted if campaigns are misunderstood, mismanaged, or neglected. We recommend if you do want to dive into this space that you take a detailed training course or hire a marketing professional to manage your campaigns for you.  

As a quick topline overview, Google outlines a clear list of steps that need to be completed before launching a Google Ads and/or PPC campaign here



You’ve caught the attention of a sales prospect through some of the content you have been sharing via social media, a PPC ad, etc., and they are ready to take action! They click on your ad and where do they get routed to?  

In order to track the effectiveness of your ad and drive as many conversions as possible, constructing a landing page or pages is the way to go. A landing page is a standalone web page that is not directly linked anywhere on your established site that is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.  

Unlike other web pages, a landing page should be very simple and only have one call to action for the lead to take. Ensure your ad’s theme aligns with the landing page so if your ad says “Click here for a free estimate”, your landing page should have a similar call to action with a form the consumer can fill out. The end goal is to collect the user’s contact information so you can reach out to them, and ultimately make the sale. Even if you do not make the sale at the first pass, you have this valuable prospect’s contact information, so you can continue to stay in contact with them through your email campaigns and newsletters.  

A few landing page resources are Instapage or ClickFunnels, but there are hundreds of options out there, so do your research and pick the best landing page company that best fits your needs, budget, and goals. 



One valuable service we offer our customers is co-branded postcards with a local real estate company. In order to be eligible, you need to have the written consent of the local real estate office or be a part of a corporate program that already has a formal partnership established with a brokerage. Ultimately, you are asking the real estate brokerage if it is okay to feature their logo on your postcard and to use the messaging somewhere along the lines that you are the official trusted mover that brokerage recommends to their customers.  

Like our other postcard fulfillment program, our postcards are sent daily to quality homeowner leads the same day the lead becomes available. Our customers select which geographic area they would like to target by either zip codes, a mile radius, or counties and they select the minimum asking price of the homes they would like to target with their postcards. We then add a filter based on what brokerage homeowners are affiliated with.  

These niche targeting postcards are a great way to earn a homeowner’s trust faster with a qualified endorsement. Interested in learning more? 

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A valuable resource to movers is real estate agents. Homeowners are putting one of the largest, if not the largest, investments they’ve made mostly in the hands of their real estate agent, so there is quite a bit of trust involved in the relationship the realtor has built as they help their clients navigate buying a home. Capitalize on this by building your own relationship with local realtors and ask if they can promote your moving services to their clients with the ultimate goal of winning referrals.    

Referrals are a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to cultivate a strong relationship with an agent. MovingLeads.com automates the first outreach to the agent, then you step in. See how it's done. Download our agent outreach information sheet, and request a copy of our guide that walks you through how to build and maintain beneficial relationships with real estate companies and agents to grow your business. 



Fast Facts -

Customer Retention Services - Want to know more about our two customer retention services? 

Discover more details on these enhanced services here



It never hurts to build up your network professionally or personally. The following steps below are ways you can improve your networking on LinkedIn

  1. Profile Optimization - First, optimize your LinkedIn profile to say you are currently working for your moving company in your experience section. If your company does not have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to set up a LinkedIn Business Page
  2. Employee Invites - Once your company’s page is set up, invite your employees to mark they work for your company. 
  3. Build Your Network - Next try practicing a combination of finding relevant groups to join (i.e. your local Chamber of Commerce, moving industry groups like ATA), requesting to connect with other colleagues in the industry, or sharing content from your blog or other social channels proving you are an expert within the industry.  



Another avenue we recommend your business takes advantage of is advocate marketing. Shoppers value reviews and testimonials from past customers much more than any advertising or marketing materials your company puts out. If you are lacking reviews, connect with customers that you know had a good experience with your company, and politely ask if they would like to give their feedback.  

You do not need a ton of platforms to collect reviews. We do recommend you use Google Reviews as this is typically the first “line of defense” potential customers will interact with when looking for a moving company. The decision to use other platforms like Yelp, Angie's List, or Facebook is completely up to you. When considering collecting reviews for other platforms, keep in mind they should be platforms that are visited most by your prospective customers or where they will hold the most impact.  

You can also ask customers that provide a positive review if you can feature their review on other marketing materials like your website, social media, your direct mail postcards, etc. The more hype the better, good luck!



It is always smart to keep tabs on your competitor(s) and check out what tactics they are using and what services they are offering. You can then improve upon those tactics and services, make them yours, and win over their prospects. The cost of a mover is sizable, so homeowners will be weighing multiple options before they ultimately make the decision on which moving company to hire.  

For monitoring, we recommend starting with something as simple as bookmarking their websites and setting calendar reminders to check them out at the frequency you have time for. If they have a blog check it out frequently to see if there is content your company should also be covering. Other services like Google Alerts send you emails when your competitor’s name pops up in new content online. We also recommend playing around with Googling their business directly or using other keywords to see how they rank organically (SEO) and if they are running Google PPC ads. Google Keyword Planner is a great resource when researching through search engines for your competitors and it may give you keywords you hadn’t thought about.  

You’ll also want your offerings to be competitive so try having an employee do some secret shopping: i.e. fill out their free quote form, call their phone number on their site, and see how the person on the other end responds. Also ask prospects that say they are customers looking to switch over to other services pointed questions like the cost of the competitor’s service, why they want to switch, etc. Keeping up with your competitors on other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. is also smart. And of course, getting on their email distribution list is a great idea because they may only send enticing offers or content there. 



You can have a perceivably great marketing campaign, but if you are not able to track or analyze the results, what long-term value does that hold? Tracking results can help you to improve on any campaign and we offer our customers the tool to do just that when running direct mail campaigns with us. 

When we surveyed our customers, only 50% reported that they were tracking responses for their direct mail campaigns. We realize tracking can be difficult, but it is an essential part of managing a campaign, so we created a solution for our customers to make tracking easier.  

We are pleased to introduce...the Response Tracker!

This complementary feature is an online tool designed to easily match all collected addresses from appointments and booked jobs back to your mailing list. The tool can also be used in real-time if you do not use a formal tracking method like a CRM. With the response tracker, it’s easy to know if your postcard played a role in the responses you receive.  

Learn more about how our complimentary response tracker can help turn results into moves.

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In the end, we do not recommend throwing in all your resources and trying all of these ideas at once. Pick the ones that most thoroughly align with your goals, budget, and bandwidth, and go from there. The beauty of collecting and converting leads in the digital age is you can keep testing, learning, and testing again until you find a formula that is most successful for your business. We also encourage our customers to get creative! There is no one tried and true formula for growing your business the fastest. It takes a lot of trial and error.  

Our automated services allow you to focus on what you do best - booking jobs and moving customers while we do all the work. There are no long-term commitments or contracts so you have the flexibility to start and pause your campaign at any time. 


Schedule a FREE consultation with us today to see if any of our services are a good fit for you. 

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