Creating a Postcard for Optimal Response Rates

September 09, 2020

Which Postcard Size Has the Best Response Rate?

The most common question movers ask is about postcard size. After years of mailing with hundreds of movers, we have done many A/B tests and would like to share the findings.

Watch the video to learn which postcard size will help you reach your marketing goals.


Watch Other Video Tutorials answering FAQs about postcard design

NEW Design Rubric - How does your postcard score? 

We are often asked by movers to review their postcards designs so we have created a new tool - a Design Rubric.  Use the rubric to score your postcard design based on the key elements we know are needed for a successful postcard.

Download the Design Rubric and find out your score. 

Inspired to make changes to your postcard?  VISIT OUR DESIGN SITE to create a custom design or use a template.

Measure Success with The Response Tracker

Once you are mailing postcards, of any size, you will want to track the response.  We offer a complimentary tool for our customers to measure the success of their campaigns.  Check out our Response Tracker for more tips and information about our Response Tracker feature. 

September Real Estate Rundown

Although the real estate market has seen it’s ups and downs and plenty of uncertainty during this pandemic, headlines still remain relatively positive as we finish up the 3rd quarter of the year. 


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