Our “S.A.U.C.E” makes our Printing Services the best in the Moving Industry!

November 09, 2021

When we first started our business in 2003, we were just a moving leads provider. Soon our customers were asking us to help them print and mail postcards. We adopted the latest technologies of digital, on-demand printing to offer movers the best in printing services to meet the specific needs of the moving industry.

In business, it is often referred to as having a secret “SAUCE” that makes your service better than anyone else's.

What’s our secret S.A.U.C.E.?
Speed - Automation - qUality - Cost - Extras
Speed -

Timing your postcard to arrive in-home as soon as possible is critical to reaching the homeowner before they have made their hiring decision! That is why we print and mail your postcards the SAME day your lead is available.

If you have to upload lists daily, most likely the postcard is not in the mail that same day. With us, your list is delivered to our printer and he begins printing early in the morning so that your postcard is delivered to the USPS by the deadline for sorting and distribution each day. We believe that we are the only printer that offers this quick service.

We also mail your postcard with first-class postage. Be aware that there are printers that offer “tiered” first-class postage which lowers their price. This means that they may hold printing your postcard for days so they can combine with other customers which delay delivery of your postcards. Also, to cut prices further, some printers will send as standard mail which can take up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Automation -

Some printers claim that their service is fully automated but every day you are required to manually place a new order to have postcards mailed for you. With our service, once you set up your account, there is no more work for you! We make sure that your postcards are printed and automatically mailed every day for you. Your campaign is running smoothly without your time and all you must do is answer the phone. It is a truly hands-free service.


Other printer options take up your valuable time. On average, movers will need to pay staff to spend 1-2 hours to assemble and mail postcards from your office and that cost should be factored into the price of your postcard mailings. And, with other printers without automation, you’ll need to factor in the time each day you’ll spend making sure your postcards are mailed.

qUality -

When you work with us you are working with the lead provider because we build our own list. Our leads are verified to be homeowner-owned and occupied. We do all that we can to eliminate mailing postcards to households that won’t turn into a job. We suppress about 50% of the listings from our leads like bank-owned properties, empty lots, new construction, and homes the homeowner has already moved. We beat the industry standard for return mail rates.

Using a bad source for leads can lead to wasting a lot of money mailing to homes that will never turn into jobs. Be aware that some printers purchase their leads from list brokers. These leads can often be weeks old and full of non-viable leads.

We only use the best materials for postcards. This ensures that your postcards arrive looking good. 16 pt stock paper and UV coating on one side are strong enough to withstand the USPS processing on postal equipment.

Printers will sometimes skimp on quality to make their prices more competitive. But it won’t help you if your postcard doesn’t make it to the homeowner because it ripped in postal equipment. Make sure when you are comparing the price that you are comparing the same quality of postcard.

Cost -

Our per-postcard price includes everything. Lead - Postcard Printing - 1st Class Postage - Mail Processing - and Extra On-line tools (discussed below).

We have eliminated the upfront costs that sometimes are barriers for movers like purchasing large quantities of postcard inventory or the upfront cost of postage stamps/postage deposits.

Be aware of printers that quote a price that appears a lot lower but does not include the price of the lead. Make sure that you are always adding back in the price of the lead when making a comparison.

Also, lower prices often mean you are comparing different levels of speed and quality as we have outlined in this article. We have seen that a lower overall price will actually cost you money in the overall campaign if you waste mailing to bad leads or your postcard shows up too late to win the business.

Extras -

We know your time is valuable. That is why we have designed our service to give the EXTRAS you need to manage your campaign.

We also provide, as part of our price, EXTRA online tools to both track responses and downloadable reports to help manage your campaign. It’s like having a virtual marketing assistant built into the service.

We’ve helped 100s of movers, both large and small, all across the country build successful direct mail campaigns. We know what works and are here to help you do the same.

Contact us today! In just a 15 minute consultation we can help you set up a campaign.

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