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Here are a few examples of SmartAd pricing to give you a good idea of how our fee system works and what typical monthly campaigns will cost using static image ads. Please contact us to get a quote that fits your business’ online needs.

Welcome to advertising that’s designed to bring you the best sales returns possible.

Monthly Fees

Homeowners (Net) 10,000 50,000 100,000
Impressions / Home 20 20 20
Total Impressions 200,000 1,000,000 2,000,000
Base Fees ($)* $1,000 $1,750 $3,000
Media Fees (CPM)** $3.90 $3.90 $3.90
Media Fees ($) $780 $3,900 $7,800
Campaign Cost (CPM) $8.90 $5.65 $5.40
Campaign Cost ($) $1,780 $5,650 $10,800
+ $1,350 setup fee. Artwork not included.
Base Fees include data license and monthly campaign management services.
Media Fee includes a 30% administrative fee over the base cost of media ($3.00 in this example). CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions”

Items to Keep in Mind

  • Static image ads are the most affordable option (and are quoted below)
  • Minimum campaign is $1,750 per month
  • Every campaign includes a one-time setup fee of $1,350
  • Ad artwork is not included in pricing


Google Tag Manager Setup:

Adding a container tag to every page on your site through which we can add, delete, and edit marketing tags without involving IT. Includes data layer setup for tracking events.

Google Analytics Setup:

Account setup as well as coordinating with your webmaster to deploy/debug the tracking code on the web site. Google Analytics tracks hundreds of data points for each visitor to the site and allows us to analyze performance and take meaningful action on your campaigns.

Implementing Conversion Goals on Google Analytics:

Implementing conversion goals allows an advertiser to see the impact of different components of their marketing mix on actual conversions. Conversions can be info requests, email signups, document downloads, view of a key page, etc. - any action of value to the brand.

Set Up/Troubleshoot CRM Conversion Tracking:

Without conversion tracking, you're flying blind and have no idea what's producing a return on your advertising investment and what's not. We generate code, deploy through the tag manager, and troubleshoot issues to ensure tracking is working.

Converted Audience Exclusion Tagging:

We'll generate code for excluding converted users and deploy through the tag manager. This keeps you from showing ads to users who have already become leads - increasing your campaign efficiency.

Brand Orientation for Team:

Understanding your brand and campaign goals is just as important to us as getting the technical side of your campaign set up. That’s why every client has an initial Kick-Off Meeting with our team where we get to know your brand. It’s also a key meeting where we can address any questions and put your campaign details in place.


Data License:

The monthly pre-mover data license fee.

Reporting on Google Analytics Statistics:

We look regularly at Google Analytics for trends and insights, and report on progress monthly. Setup of report includes pulling in at least a year of historic data when available.

Strategy, Planning, Consulting, Misc.:

Monthly meeting with the team to go over results and plan for the next month, usually includes at least 3 team members.

CRM Retargeting Weekly Management and Optimization:

Weekly maintenance ensures campaign runs smoothly. Includes budget allocation, bidding to ensure optimal ad placement, adjustments to maintain proper impression frequency, as well as loading new creative as needed.

Monthly Analysis and Reporting:

Along with a monthly review of Google Analytic Statistics, we provide our own campaign specific Analysis and Reporting on CRM Retargeting performance as part of our client’s monthly report.

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