The Power of Mailing to Pending Leads

August 09, 2023

Photo by RDNE Stock Project via Pexels

Timing plays a crucial role in the success of any mover’s marketing campaign. At Moving Leads, we understand the importance of reaching homeowners at the right moment. Our daily moving leads provide you with an opportunity to connect with homeowners immediately after their homes hit the market, maximizing your chances of capturing their attention and interest.

By reaching out to homeowners early in the process, you can engage with the majority of them before they’ve made their final decision on a mover. This places you at an advantage, allowing you to establish your services as a top contender in their decision process.

We also monitor and recollect data for homes when there is a status change to pending or under contract status. Pending status means that the homeowner has a closing date, indicating an imminent move. By sending a secondary postcard to homes under contract, it is a great reminder of your services at a critical time in their decision-making process. Homeowners in this stage, who are still undecided about a mover, present a great prospect for your business.

To ensure the highest quality leads, our pending leads are meticulously re-verified to confirm that the homes are homeowner owned and occupied. This attention to detail ensures that your marketing efforts are focused on reaching the most promising leads, ultimately improving your conversion rates. With our postcard fulfillment and cutting-edge digital printing technology, we can even customize the design and message to cater specifically to these pending leads, increasing your chances to win their business.

Considering budget constraints, we advise prioritizing mailing to new listings over dividing your budget between an initial mailing and a follow-up to pending leads. This ensures that your marketing budget efficiently targets the most significant opportunities. However, if you have flexibility in your budget, a follow-up mailing to pending leads offer a valuable second chance to win homeowners and secure their business.

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