Real Estate Rundown by Moving Leads | September 2019

September 12, 2019

What happens in the real estate market directly affects the moving industry. In this month’s real estate rundown, there’s a buzz in the air about a possible recession. This rumor has slowed down both buyers and sellers. Learn which markets are the most protected from a downturn, how artificial intelligence could be changing the way we buy houses, and what’s ahead for the 2020 housing market. 

Fall Housing Shifts Quickly to a Buyer’s Market

Even though mortgage rates are at a three-year low, buyers are being cautious due to an uncertain global economic future. The housing market is expected to remain stable but buyers will be taking their time. 

15 Safest Housing Markets If a Recession Hits

While there is talk of a recession looming, most doubt that it will have an impact similar to the 2008 housing crash. But some housing markets are safer than others. Is your moving business serving one of the fifteen safest markets?

Why Buying and Selling a House Could Soon Be as Simple as Trading Stocks

The way we buy almost everything is changing, why not add homes to the list? See how artificial intelligence could change the way people buy and sell homes.

Home Prices Are Finally Going Down, Instead of Up: Why That's Bad News

The summer housing market hype fizzled out sooner than some expected this year. With both buyers and sellers anxious about a possible recession, the number of homes on the market fell as did the speed at which buyers were purchasing. 

What’s Ahead for the Housing Market as 2020 Approaches?

As 2019 winds down, the Home Buying Institute predicts that home prices will continue to drop. This could be a good thing as home prices have been outpacing wage growth in the past few years. 

Concerned about a fall slowdown? Learn how you can adjust your marketing to extend the summer rush into the fall.

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