5 Essential Steps to Carry Summer Mover Momentum into the Fall

September 10, 2019

All summer long your crew is bouncing from job to job, the schedule is full, and your trucks are constantly on the move. With a direct correlation with the real estate market, you can bet that the summer months are busy with lots of people buying and selling their homes.

But as the summer comes to an end and school starts, the real estate market slows down and so will your business. How can you keep that momentum going? 

While the volume may be less, people are still purchasing homes in the fall and will need your services. There are tactics that you can use to keep your schedule full and attract more profitable jobs while you’re at it. 

Make Sure Potential Customers Know About You

Every mover's year-round marking should include direct mail. Tried and true, direct mail is a non-invasive form of marketing that puts your information physically in the hands of a potential customer in the form of a postcard. 

A received postcard is like a planted seed. Just because you don’t see action now, doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on under the soil. A postcard received in the summer months can “sprout” when the conditions are right. Homeowners who received your postcard in the summer and closes in the fall will have everything they need to contact you.  

The end of summer is a critical time where continuous mailings can make a huge impact on your fall season. Follow the steps below to ensure more calls and website visits this fall. 

#1 Obtain Quality Leads 

If you have a bad list, you’re just wasting time and money on dead ends. Un-filtered lists can include things like bank-owned properties, vacant lots, and duplicates which have you wasting postage and precious staff hours. While free, raw lists may look like a deal, they end up costing you more in the long run. 

#2 To See Results You Need to Be Mailing!

If you’ve stopped mailing or haven’t started yet, now is the time to get things rolling! If you sign up with MovingLeads.com, we can send you new daily leads starting the next business day. If you want us to print and mail postcards to your daily leads for you, once we have your postcard design, we can often start mailing the next business day. It’s painless, super-fast, and the only way to reach 100% of leads in your chosen area. 

#3 Adjust Your Criteria.

As the real estate demand decreases, movers should expand their lead lists to get as many leads as possible. 

#4 - Follow up with Previous Leads.

Now is the perfect time to follow up with leads. Go back to your CRM and reach out to leads that have contacted you over the last three months. Their moves may have been delayed and now is the time to ask for their business again.

If a listing continues to be on the market after 90 days from the first collection, this lead could be added back into our system for an automated follow-up mailing.  Rest assured, we have a thorough process of re-verification to not only verify the listing is still active, but that the homeowner still owns and occupies the home. It is a good idea to send these potential customers a follow-up mailing after 90 days to ensure that you stay “top of mind.” 

#5 Be Consistent and Mail Year-Round. 

Mailing year-round is an excellent way to keep your pipeline full, even in slower times. And with minor adjustments to your direct mail campaign, you can make sure the volume of mail is enough to keep the momentum going. Make sure you always budget for fall and winter mailing to capture business now through the end of the year.

If you haven’t given direct mail a try yet, now is the time. Without any contracts or minimums, you’ve got nothing to lose and new clients to gain. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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