Keep Busy When the Market (and Weather) is Cold

November 12, 2018

During the fall and winter months, the real estate market cools and that means the number of leads available for movers also tightens. Moving during this time becomes more complicated for homeowners as they are busy with the start of school and planning upcoming holidays. These factors cause a brief pause in the market but there are still leads available and moves to be booked so it’s critical to adjust your marketing for the season.  

Here’s the secret: REACH ALL the Qualified Moving Leads Available.

In the Fall, the amount of new listings tapers off and the phones slow down. With fewer leads around, you’ll need to up your marketing game to win business.

Ramping up or adjusting a direct mail campaign will help maintain your pipeline and momentum even when there are fewer homes being sold.


    If you have paused marketing for the busy season, start marketing again and continue through the colder months.  Don’t take a break as the holidays approach. The postcards you mail during the holiday are what will fill your calendar in late January and February.


    Continue to market and don’t be discouraged if you don’t get calls right away. With homes on the market longer during this time of the year, it can take several weeks or even months for you to see the effects.  Leads mailed in July and August will continue to bring in moves well into late Fall and Winter. Mailings in the fall will be the base of your winter sales pipeline. If a mover doesn't mail enough in the fall, it will have a negative impact on the slower winter months. 

    Many movers take a break as the holidays approach, usually because they don’t have a budget left. This is an opportunity for you! There will be less competition for these very motivated homeowners. And even if the home takes longer to sell - you retain the position of “First Introduction.” Homeowners will hold onto your card until it is “the right time” to hire a mover.


    If you've been sending postcards, now is the time to adjust list criteria to reach as many leads as possible:

    This is a great time of year to follow up with leads. Go back to your CRM and reach out to leads that have contacted you over the last three months. Their moves may have been delayed and now is the time to ask for their business again.  

    Consider doing a SECOND MAILING after two, four, or six weeks depending on how the real estate market is performing in your area. The market has probably slowdown and homeowners are waiting to make a decision about hiring a mover.  A second mailing re-introduces your company and will keep you “top of mind” when the homeowner is ready to make a decision. At this point, homeowners often lower their price and are closer to making a sale and choosing a mover. You want to remind them about your service at just the right time.


    It might be time to revisit your message. The content and design of your postcard are critical to winning business. Check out our 
    postcard design tips to optimize your direct mail marketing and for advice on how to tailor your message to include information that customers need to make a decision to hire you.  Again, consider adding a seasonal offer.

If you want a steady stream of year-round business, it’s critical to mail in the slower season. Quality leads make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your marketing and by extending your reach, you’ll attract even more homeowners.

Now is the perfect time to set up your Direct Mail campaign to boost your sales opportunities. We are here to help. Purchase just the leads and do your own mailings from your office or for those that want a turnkey solution, automatic postcard fulfillment with daily printing and mailing is hard to beat.

Call us at 303-443-0767 and we can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. We’d love to help keep you moving this fall and winter!

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