Use Agent Referrals to Book More Moving Jobs

October 26, 2017

Automated Real Estate Agent Marketing for The Moving Industry

The beautiful thing about a robust real estate agent referral program is that once established, it consistently adds new leads to your sales pipeline.

It can be a real challenge for movers to dedicate enough time and effort to building a quality referral program. After all, you've got a million other things to do, like running your business and moving!

With Agent Outreach, our new automated service, you can automate the first contact with these important agents. It makes the first step in the process reliable, consistent and affordable. And what's not to like about that??

Here are some tips on building a successful Real Estate Referral Program and how Agent Outreach can help.


Agent Outreach Perfectly Time Your First Contact

We monitor new listings, identify the RE Agent, and then send a postcard to the Agent for you. This builds brand awareness, provides an introduction, or acts a friendly reminder to an Agent you already know, and strengthens that relationship. Providing a pass along offer will ensure the card has value to the RE Agent and the Homeowner.

Follow Up with Further Communication

Use the contact information we provide (mailing address, phone number, email, website and social media links when available) for follow up outreach. Consider sending an email, placing a phone call, or requesting a social media link.

Notify the Real Estate Agent when you Book their Client

Send an email to the agent of every booked move. This simple gesture of making sure the Agent knows that their client is your priority will keep you on the Real Estate Agents radar.

VIP Moving Jobs

Realtor referred jobs should always be given the VIP treatment because they represent countless future jobs! Alert everyone on your team that the job is a priority. If you make a mistake, own up to it immediately and make it right.

Thank Yous & Follow Ups

When the job is completed, follow up with the Agent and let them know it went well. Say “Thank you” for the referral. It can be a handwritten “thank you” card or chocolates for the office. Mix it up! If it wasn’t a referral, but direct hire from the homeowner, let the Agent know you helped their client and would be happy to help other clients in the future.

Additional Suggestions for Relationship Building with Real Estate Agents:

You know many customers rely on their real estate agents for referrals. Agent Outreach automates the first critical step in your referral program: the first communication.

Agent Outreach: The First Service to Automatically Connect Movers & Real Estate Agents

Agent Outreach is the marketing tool you've been looking for. It automates communication with Real Estate Agents and makes it easy for them to refer you.

This brand new service from is now available for the first time ever. It allows you to market to TWO leads: the homeowner and their real estate agent! 

Learn more about this automated real estate agent referral service here.

Ready to get started or want to learn more? Getting signed up for Agent Outreach from is fast and easy. Simply call us at 303-443-0767.


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