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November 12, 2019
Looking for an Easy Way to Create a Winning Postcard?

At, our goal is to help movers build successful direct mail campaigns. Did you know that a postcard design can make or break a campaign?

After working with hundreds of movers, we have seen almost every aspect of postcard design tried and tested. Below we share our #1 tip on creating a winning postcard design.   

We are also pleased to announce our NEW DESIGN SITE: an online design tool for our customers to create their designs. 

Whether you are just starting and need to design a postcard, or you want to improve your current design, we are here to help.    

Design Tip #1: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
The images used on your postcard have a huge impact. Is your current image helping or hurting your response rate? Watch the video below to learn best practices for postcard imagery. 

Want more tips?  To get the low down on everything - layout, messaging, and size, visit our Design Page and watch other Video Tutorials

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