New Response Tracker - The Power to Prove Direct Mail Works

August 04, 2020

Photo by Carlos Muza via Unsplash

Introducing The Response Tracker!  A complimentary online tool for our customers to track responses to their direct mail campaign and generate reports to measure their success.  Learn more in the video above or by visiting our website

A Unique URL is a Powerful Tracking Tool

94% of homeowners visit a mover's website after receiving a postcard. Use a unique URL to easily track website responses.       


**BONUS: An "offer" page is a place to display current offers.  Eliminate having to update seasonal offers on postcards or have outdated offers in circulation on older postcards.  Learn more in our blog article here

August Real Estate Rundown

Homes are selling faster than ever despite the pandemic. Check out the latest articles from real estate experts to get a feel for how the second half of 2020 is shaping up for the housing market and movers. 

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