Innovation: The Key to Moving Company Success

December 11, 2017

Innovation is more important than ever for companies that are targeting growth. With an uncertain economy, new technology, and increasing competition, businesses need be proactive in their planning and management.

At & First Movers Advantage LLC, innovation is a core component of our philosophy. Below is our story which illustrates how we've applied innovative technology to keep our business growing as the moving industry has evolved. 

In marketing, the definition of "first-mover advantage" is the advantage gained by the initial occupant of a market segment or technological leadership.  We started the business as a first-mover in mover marketing and have kept adapting and adding services over the years. This year we launched a new lead service, Agent Outreach to help our customers maintain a "first-mover advantage".

It all started with a Postcard from a Mover...

In 2002, we listed our home for sale and received a postcard from a mover.  Curious about how they knew we were moving, we asked a lot of questions.  The mover shared that they were looking through the paper every Sunday to find new listings.  They expressed how time intensive this process was and they wished there was a service that would provide a weekly list of addresses that included the homeowner name.

With our background in data management and marketing, we knew that we could provide just that.  So in 2003, we started our business – First Movers Advantage LLC.  

Here's how we started...

Over the next couple years, we subscribed to and manually searched newspapers around the country for new moving leads. We had a large team of data entry clerks that painstakingly collected the date of each listing. Our leads fulfilled the need of movers across the country – easy leads, delivered weekly, with new listings and homeowner names.  

Change our operations and add the "www."

A couple years later, we realized technology could replace our manual research. The "web" was booming and every real estate company now had a website with the listing information. We shifted our workforce from data entry clerks to computer programmers and built a data gathering platform. We could provide leads faster and more efficiently than ever before.  

Direct Mail Fulfillment - We do the work for you!

At this point, was providing great moving leads quickly but our customers were still weighed down by the work of mailing out postcards themselves. The solution? 

We will do it for you! Automated postcard service begins.  

The fulfillment was still old school, so once again, much of your work, became our manual work. We started with inventories of pre-printed postcards and manually assembled mailings for our customers.

While this was great for some movers, since it eliminated the need for staff assembly, it wasn't ideal for everyone.  The upfront cost of pre-printed postcard inventories and a minimum on each order wasn’t flexible enough for them.

Digital Printing Arrives: The End of Minimums and Upfront Costs

Once digital printing became available, we quickly made the change. Digital printing allows us to print on demand and our customers to pay-per-postcard which eliminated upfront costs and minimums. 

Digital printing makes our Automated Postcard Service the most flexible option for mail fulfillment. In a matter of seconds, postcards are printed, addressed and postage is applied. We have taken what took hours of work and reduced it to just seconds. 

Postcard Templates Arrive

The time and cost of designing a custom postcard was often a prohibitive factor for many movers.  We began offering template postcard designs that include free customization. Templates are an easy way for movers to select, design, customize their card and start mailing by the Monday after sign-up. 

Our Latest Innovation: Real Estate Agent Outreach

We are constantly asking ourselves, "What other service or lead can we provide to the moving industry?" A very popular theme in marketing right now is relationship marketing. We know that direct mail is one of the best ways to establish a relationship with homeowners. What other relationships can you build to win more business?

Referrals from Real Estate Agents are an important part of the moving industry but they aren't the easier relationship to develop. 

We've come up with a solution!

With Agent Outreach, you'll reach out to real estate agents at the perfect time; just as they get a new listing. 

This completely new, innovative service matches your household leads with their real estate agent. We then automatically mail two postcards. The first goes to the homeowner. The second goes directly to the real estate agent, asking them to recommend you as their mover of choice. The benefits and growth potential that Agent Outreach provides are immense. Learn more about Real Estate Agent Outreach for Movers here.

Get the first-mover advantage by being the first mover to start using Agent Outreach in your area!

Think about your marketing for a moment. How did you navigate the challenges of 2017? Are there things you could be doing to overcome those challenges? Are you ready to commit to proactive marketing in 2018?

We've created a short marketing guide that lists questions you should ask as you evaluate your current marketing program. It also includes tips for creating an innovative marketing plan for 2018. 

Download our 2018 Mover Marketing Checklist. would like to be your marketing partner this year. Our innovative services are game changers.  Automated mover marketing saves time and money, and Agent Outreach is a new way to grow your moving business. 

Call us at 303-443-0767 to learn more or get signed up. We look forward to getting your phones ringing and trucks moving!

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