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February 06, 2024

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Marketing to potential customers have a unique messaging challenge. A homeowner only moves every 3-5 years. Unlike other industries that can build brand recognition and repeat purchases over years, you need to introduce your business with messaging that provides what the customer needs to make a decision to hire you in just one touchpoint. It is critical to make sure your message is customer-focused – what your customer needs and wants to see in order to make a decision.

Now more than ever, movers need to be strategic about creating enticing and unique messaging that will help them win quality business. Consumers are constantly being inundated by ads and promotions, so we are here to help our moving customers cut through the clutter.

Your Message Must Gain Your Customers Trust with Proof of Credibility

When preparing your marketing materials, you should prominently display the information homeowners check to verify that you are a professional. This includes your brand logo, national van line affiliations, and most importantly, your associations with professional organizations (BBB, Chamber of Commerce, AMSA).

72 percent of homeowners are looking for your licensing and insurance information. Do you have this information prominent on all your marketing materials? If it is not clearly displayed on your materials, homeowners could be dropping you from consideration early in their research and opting for your competitors.

Communicate Value of Service in Price

Let’s talk about pricing since it ranks so high in homeowners' need for information.
While there are homeowners out there that want to hire the lowest-priced mover, most homeowners will hire the mover that they feel affords them the level of service they want. Homeowners are trusting all their worldly possessions to the mover so the cheapest estimate is not going to always win if they feel they are getting more security and reliability with a different mover.

Make sure that your materials have a clear message about what your price includes so they understand the value of your service that is built-in.

Homeowners that haven’t previously used a professional mover may be unsure about how much a professional mover costs. A clear message about what to expect for the price as simple as “affordable hourly rates” or “competitively priced” can be enough information for a hesitant customer to reach out to get an estimate.

Your Message Should Offer Value in Contacting You and In Using Your Service

When crafting your message, specifically a postcard, does it clearly provide a call to action that has value to the customer? 48 percent of homeowners value a free in-home estimate. This offer provides value to a potential customer without any obligations to hire. Notice that special offers and discounts are not as important to the homeowner. The value on these offers only applies to the homeowner once they have hired you.

Consider offering other items that might be of immediate value to the homeowner. Free checklists or moving kits to help homeowners organize their moves are valuable items and serve an immediate need of the homeowner.

Postcard Designs – Your First Impression

We believe that postcards are a powerful tool to actively market to homeowners and get your information in front of the homeowner just as they are starting their research. Your postcard is your first chance to provide all the information your potential customers need to make a decision to hire you, so make it count. We offer graphic design services and decades' worth of knowledge on what does and does not work on a postcard design.

Past Customers Influence

Past customers have a strong influence in helping you win your next customer. Homeowners claim that they take into account your online customer testimonials and reviews on rating websites. It is important that you are asking past customers to post when they have positive things to say. Find out more about our suggestions on how to manage customer reviews and testimonials here.

In closing, we hope this article has given you more insight to help you make your marketing message customer-focused—gain their trust with proof of professionalism, give them a sense of the value of your services, and back it up with social proof from your past customer.

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