Let Direct Mail Work for You In the Winter

December 20, 2023

Start Mailing Today And Keep Busy All Winter Long...

Watch our video to learn how to turn winter mailings into a full sales pipeline. 

Movers use QR codes to give homeowners an easy way to find more information.

QR codes also have the added benefit of directing traffic to a specific landing page, which helps track response rates. 
If you are interested in updating your postcard with a QR code, please contact us to discuss the setup and design options

Schedule a 15 minute free consultation and we can help you start a new campaign or make adjustments to your existing one for success this season.

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  • Do I need to make changes to my campaign this month? See our tips on how to optimize your campaign each month and season.
  • Have I made all the right decisions so my campaign will be a success? Review a quick rubric to score decisions. How do you rank on a 1-100 scale? 
  • Are there ways to track responses to prove my campaign's results?  
    Check out our recommendations on how to accurately track your results.

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