Introducing Retargeting Campaigns: Mail to Pending Leads

August 16, 2019

Reach Homeowners at the Right Time for the Best Response

Optimal timing for mover marketing is centered around reaching potential customers before they have made a hiring decision. The moving timeline for homeowners is always fluctuating. Each season brings different demands as the timeline shrinks and expands. Plus, homeowners can hire a mover at any time during their moving timeline—before they list until closing day. 

We stand by our claim that mailing to new listings gives movers the best chance to capture leads before they make a buying decision. The majority of homeowners hire movers after they list their homes but before the pending stage. But what about potential leads who are hesitant to hire until they know their house will sell?

A Well-Timed Second Mailing Gets You Noticed

If homeowners haven’t decided on a mover by the time they reach pending status, the pressure is now on! At the pending stage, homeowners typically only have a few short weeks to hire a mover and complete their move before closing.  If you can reach undecided homeowners right as they hit pending status with a second mailing, you increase the chances that they will call you. 

For more details on our services, including pending leads, download the Hassle-Free Direct Mail PDF for online viewing or printing. 

Because of the short timeline and pressure associated with the pending status, it’s imperative to reach those leads as soon as possible. Waiting a week could cost you the opportunity. 

Pending Leads Now Available Through

Fear not, nows offers Pending Leads as a follow-up service to our regular, new listing leads. Unlike other lead providers, we re-filtering and re-verifying each pending lead. This helps movers avoid spending time and money on dead-end leads. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to move before they reach pending status so we check to make sure the homeowner is still receiving mail at their address. 

We ensure your postcards are printed and mailed the same day that new and pending leads are available, and we always send them with 1st class postage for quick delivery. Like we previously mentioned, each day counts, especially with pending leads.

Be wary of providers that do not print and mail your postcard immediately or use slower standard postage which can take up to two weeks to be delivered. These avoidable delays will result in missed opportunities. 

If you have a limited budget, our advice is to mail to more new listings rather than splitting your budget between an initial mailing and follow up mailing to pending leads. This ensures that your marketing budget is targeting the most opportunities. But if you have room in your budget, a follow up mailing to pending leads can give you a second chance to win a homeowner’s business. 

At, we’ll make sure your postcards are in-home as soon as possible for the perfect timing.  To sign up today, click here.

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