Graphic Design Services Now Available

January 11, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we can now be a full-service graphic design marketing partner for all your postcard design needs. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have your postcard design created, we make it easy with our graphic design services. Not only are we cognizant of your design needs, but we have set up a system to fit any budget. 

Depending on your campaign and promotional needs, the first step in our process is choosing your postcard size. You select between either a small, medium, or large-sized postcard. Although this selection is important for various reasons, after plenty of A/B testing over the years, we have found that different postcard sizes have similar response rates. With this in mind, select your postcard size based on your campaign goals and budget. Smaller postcards allow movers to mail larger quantities for less. They allow for all of the staple items needed on a postcard to be included. Larger postcards are perfect for fitting more important and content that may not fit on our smaller size postcard. We recommend utilizing the extra space on a larger postcard to give details about your business, the benefits of hiring you, and other graphics like logos of professional organizations you are affiliated with like the Better Business Bureau, the American Trucking Association, etc.  

After your postcard size is selected, choose from one of our three service tiers. Our first tier consists of a basic setup which can be used if you already have your design ready. This tier involves our graphic designer reviewing your design submission and ensuring it is set-up properly for print. 

The next tier is an option to have your postcard built from one of our available templates that have proven success rates over the years. With a choice of over 150 postcard templates, our graphic designer can take your selection and customize it to make it yours. These customizations include adding your brand colors, adding images of your crew and truck, including your contact information, inserting your logo and so much more. 

Finally, with our third tier, we allow you to share your postcard vision for a custom design. Start with a one-on-one consultation with our graphic designer to ask for what you want. All you will need to provide is your logo and a few pictures. From there, our graphic designer will create a fully customized design and bring your vision to life. 

Once you have a completed postcard design, making changes is also simple and easy. Changes from your design or edits sent to our graphic designer can be made to meet your expectations. Changes can range from updating a phone number to swapping out a photo. Just reach out to our customer service team for any help and they will connect you to our graphic designer. 

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