Get Ready for a Spike in Leads Available!

May 05, 2020

COVID-19 suppressed the real estate market, so the number of spring leads last month was well below the seasonal average. Now that some states are transitioning out of stay-at-home orders, we expect the real estate market to recover quickly, which will cause a spike in the number of leads available.   

Are you ready for these new opportunities?  With your current record limit, will you miss out on leads?  

If you did not use all of your April budget for marketing, consider reallocating this budget to May. Increase your weekly record limits so you can receive all of the new listings and pending leads available now.

Learn more about adjusting your marketing to recover this spring here.

Watch our quick video on how to fill your calendar with the largest household moves this spring.

What's All the Buzz about EDDM® Mailings?

Recently, we’ve heard from movers that want to set up EDDM® or Every Door Direct Mail® mailings.  This is a service offered by the United Post States Postal Service (USPS) which involves MASS mailing to every household in a carrier route.  

Since the majority of the households in a neighborhood are not planning a move, EDDM® is NOT a fit good fit for the moving industry.  Learn more here
Instead, we offer a better solution for the moving industry!

Timed, Targeted Mailings to ONLY your Best Potential Customers 

✔️ Verified Leads - Homeowner owned, occupied, and ready to move.  
✔️ Daily Leads - Reach new and pending leads within days of listing. 
✔️ Daily Postcards - Printed and mailed the same day to be in-home fast. 
✔️ Unrivaled Revenue - Large households with the highest revenue potential.

Well-targeted direct mail really works for movers!  

of our customers would recommend
direct mail to other movers  


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