A Smarter Way to Mail than EDDM

May 01, 2020

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What’s all the buzz about EDDM mailings?

You may have heard about or been contacted by a printer offering EDDM mailings. EDDM®, or Every Door Direct Mail®, is a list service offered by the United Post States Postal Service (USPS). EDDM is not a term that means direct mail or postcard mailings, it’s a specific kind of mass mailing. 

Through the USPS, you can purchase the delivery of direct mail to households within a chosen carrier route. You can hire a printer who has signed up to be an affiliate vendor to provide the printing and mail fulfillment of this list service. 

EDDM is MASS mailing to all households within a carrier route. Yes, they offer some demographic filtering, but they cannot identify which households are actually planning a move and will need a mover. Mailing to every household in your area is a guaranteed way for movers to waste money! 

For example, with an EDDM mass mailing campaign, you might be sending postcards to 1,000 homes in a specific area, but only three of them have recently been listed, an indication that they are looking for a mover. With this EDDM mass mailing campaign, you are wasting 997 postcards on people who aren’t looking for a mover just to reach the three who are! That’s a LOT of wasted postcards, time, money, and effort.

While mass mailing is untargeted and ineffective, direct mail is the opposite. With a targeted and timely direct mail campaign to a mover’s best potential customers, you’ll see high response rates and earn a great return on investment (ROI). In order for a direct mail campaign to be successful, you need to reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right message to win their business. 


MovingLeads.com Campaigns vs EDDM® Campaigns


Campaign Attributes






  • Every household in a carrier route.

  • ONLY households that are verified to be homeowner owned, occupied, and on the market for sale.


  • Random, based on mail date.

  • Within days of listing for sale and at the change to pending status.


  • “Moving?” It doesn’t matter how good your message is if the recipient isn’t looking for a mover.

  • "Moving?” Yes, they are! 
  • A postcard is a perfect way to get your information to homeowners, so they can contact you.


  • A minimum of 200 up to thousands of households within a carrier route.

  • Only the households that have just listed for sale or gone pending.


  • May appear to be a cheap alternative, but money is wasted on non-viable leads. 
  • Non-Viable Leads x $ per piece = Wasted $

  • No set-up fees.
  • Fits any budget.
  • 100 leads x $.89 per postcard = $89.00 well spent.

There is a better option for the moving industry!


Timed, Targeted Mailings to ONLY your Best Potential Customers 

 ✔️ Verified Leads – Households that are homeowner-owned, occupied and planning a move.

 ✔️ Daily Leads - Reach new and pending leads within days of listing. 

 ✔️ Daily Postcards - Printed and mailed the same day to be in-home fast.

 ✔️ Unrivaled Revenue - Large households with the highest revenue potential.

Well-targeted direct mail really works for movers! In a recent survey, 97.5% of our customers said they would recommend direct mail to other movers. 


Why aren’t you mailing?

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