8 Simple Tips to Create Postcard Designs that Sell

May 20, 2015
8 Simple tips for postcards that sell
Over the last 12 years I've worked with a LOT of postcards in my marketing business. I've seen how powerful they can be as a marketing tool and in the process I've also learned what works for movers (and others) and what doesn't. 

More and more businesses are turning to postcards because of their amazing ROI. But, all postcards are not created equal. A few tweaks can turn a mediocre card into a sales gold mine. That's why I often
help my clients with their designs so they can maximize results.

I want to do the same for you. If you want to turn more leads into sales (who doesn't?), I've got a simple postcard recipe for you to follow. 

** These tips can help businesses in any industry, though the examples are directed at moving companies.**

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1. IMAGE IS KING - Convey AND Backup The Message

An image can say a thousand words, make sure you're telling the right story with yours. You only have a few seconds to capture a reader’s attention. Can homeowners understand what you're offering in a glance? Test your postcard design: If you remove the text, can you still understand the message? If not, consider a new image.

**INSIGHT: Put a truck on it. We’ve found postcards with a moving truck image or "movers in action" nearly always outperform other postcards.

2. EYE CATCHING - It's Good To Be Noticed

Good design is a BIG help in today's media savvy world. Let's be honest, if you don't like looking at your card, no one else will. I recommend getting a professional designer or solid template to work from (we offer both to our clients).  

About Color

Bright colors can can be a real asset to draw the eye. However, they can also backfire. If it's a horrible combination of colors, or bright enough to give you a headache...nobody will want to give it a second glance (or a first). 


Postcard marketing example for moving company. Front of card.

*EXAMPLE: Notice the vibrant blue color, catchy headline, moving service story told with two pictures, and minimal text. It's professional, inviting and clear. 

3. SMART HEADLINES - A Consistent Message On Both Sides

You can't know which side a homeowner will look at first. It's a 50/50 shot. Both sides of your card need a strong headline that will catch their attention and compel them to keep reading. Your headers should work together and reinforce a key message.

Does that headline "pop"? You should see it first thing when you glance at the card. If you don't, try another color, increase the font size, or use another font style to draw the eye.  


4. KEEP IT SIMPLE - Avoid clutter At All Costs 

A cluttered postcard is an unread one. More than ever people are scanning documents and ads. Make it easier for them to scan and you'll reap higher interest and sales. 

How Many Words? 
Your supporting text should be clear, direct and short. The front of card should be driven by imagery and minimal text. On the back of a postcard, a good rule of thumb is less than 60 words - and I strongly recommend keeping your copy under 100 words!

Bullet Points Win
Bullet points are your friend. They'll force you to highlight key points, help break-up the text, and group things so it's easier for readers to quickly digest key info. 

5. SHARE THE WHY - Your Company Is More Than Features

Along with features (like “In-state and interstate moves” or “longterm and short-term storage”), you want to help people see why they should use you instead of another provider.

Spell out the benefits for them: “Service you can trust - Family owned for 30 years," or "Highly trained movers for a stress free move” or “We care about our clients and it shows in 15 years of happy moves.” You get the idea. 



A postcard design example for moving company. Back of the card.

*EXAMPLE: There's a simple headline, benefits (happy customers & seamless move), features list, and call to action with special offer. It's clutter free, clear & only 59 words!

6. NAME RECOGNITION - Make It Easy To Find & Trust You

Don't forget to tell them who you are! Include your logo and key info to help build your brand identity. Items you'll want to include: 

About That Return Address...
Occasionally I see a moving postcard without a return address. I strongly recommend including yours. Here's why: It builds trust by reassuring homeowners that you are a legitimate business with a physical address. 


7. HAVE A CARROT - A Special Offer Is Always A Good Idea

Never underestimate the value of a deal - even a small one. Can you offer something to encourage people to call right away? That deal might be all it takes to tip the scales in your favor. 

Here are a few ideas for movers: “Get $50 off - Just mention this postcard”, “Get $25 worth of free boxes”, “Free quote, skilled movers, AND fresh coffee to start your move right!” 


8. CALL TO ACTION - Encourage People To Contact You

It may seem silly, but asking for what you want works. Studies show that having a clear call-to-action will get more responses. Ideally, you want your phone to ring. Encourage homeowners to call and make that call-to-action impossible to miss (bigger font, brighter color, design or box around offer, etc). 

Here are a few examples to pair with your phone number: “CALL NOW!” or “Find out why we’re different, let's chat” or “We’ll get you moving - Call now!”


That's it.
8 steps to get your phone ringing. Follow these tips and you'll have smarter and sleeker postcards that are bound to improve your bottom line!  Feel free to check out our Automated Postcard Service as well - where we do all the work and you get the sales calls. 

Don't forget, we have an updated version of our postcard tips that you can find here.


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