6 Key Tips That Will Help You Lock-In More Sales With Referrals

October 15, 2013

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Referrals are a powerful way to build your sales pipeline AFTER you've already done the work of proving that you have a great service and product. Whether you're a Mover or a retail store, referral marketing is a huge marketing opportunity that shouldn't be overlooked. 

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Here are a few tips to help you generate more sales using referrals


DO GOOD WORK: Bad service kills referrals 100% of the time

First off, if a business isn’t doing a good job or has poor customer service, they can kiss all those valuable referrals goodbye.

Let’s assume that your business isn’t one of those. You care and work hard, but it's still a good exercise to think of all the ways that customers interact with your company (the touchpoints) so you can improve their experience.  


BE MEMORABLE: Go above and beyond

Movers are helping people during a stressful, crazy, and expensive transition. This means you are in a great position to really SHINE.  Doing good work, being helpful, and treating customers with respect are a must, but remember that a little extra effort goes a looooong way. 

Blow customers away with a simple gesture: consider leaving a house warming plant, a “welcome-to-your-new-home” card, reusable tote bag, or other creative ideas. (include referral cards to hand out and don't forget to add your logo to items where possible).


FOLLOW UP – An opportunity that should never be missed

Make a phone call or send a card to customers the week after they move. Thank them for their business, let them know you hope they’re enjoying their new home, and ask for their feedback. (Don’t ask for feedback in an email. It’s too impersonal. Remember, you’re going for impact!) The simple effort of reaching out will earn you big points and help gather valuable information.

With feedback comes opportunity:

-If they’re unhappy, try to fix the problem and save the experience.

-If they’re happy, follow up with a request for referrals.


ASKING IS THE BEST POLICY: Referrals come to those who inquire

No matter how great you are, the reality is that only 15% of clients voluntarily offer referrals.  Once you know they’re happy, let them know it would mean a lot to your business if they would share their experience. Along with person to person referrals, you might request they rate you in an online review or leave a quote for your website.

Remember to make it easy for customers to share your information at a later time (send a postcard, referral coupons, or a friendly email).


BOOST YOUR REFERRALS: Offer a rewards program

People are busy and there's no doubt that rewards improve consumer response rates. Now, this doesn’t have to be a big offer - your bonus can be as simple as a $15 gift card to Starbucks or a local business but that little incentive and "thank you" can lock-in additional $1,000 moving jobs. It's definitely money well spent! Remember, it should never feel like you're trying to "buy" referrals, but are rewarding them for taking the time to share their experience. 

A creative rewards idea: You can offer a $20 donation to a charity in the referrer’s name – you get the added business, your company looks great, and they feel good for helping a worthy cause. 


REMEMBER TO SAY THANK YOU (AGAIN): Extend the referral power

Don’t forget to thank customers when referrals come in. Do NOT do it through email.  Call or send a card. That personal touch will hit home and it’s another chance to reconnect and remind that customer of your fabulous (and thoughtful) company.

Another great idea: Want to boost your sales with referrals year after year from the same customer? Send them a “moving anniversary” card.


You've already done 90% of the hardwork with your customers.
Add these simple referral building techniques and you will see results!  


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