Two Ways to Wow Potential Customers Today!

February 11, 2020

Homeowners Love Informative Postcards

Postcards are a great way to provide homeowners with your contact information so that they can research your business, but how can you make sure a homeowner falls head-over-heels for your moving company?

Boost Response Rates By Including These Two Messages:

1. Your Participation in Professional Industry Organizations
Join local and national professional organizations, and add their logos to your marketing materials and postcards. Check out this article with our recommendations for the best organizations to join.

2. An Offer that Homeowners Value NOW
The most compelling offer to have on your postcard may not be what you think! Check out our video below to find out which offer really catches a homeowner's attention.

Don't Miss a Chance to Make a Second Impression!

At this time of year, homeowners that listed their homes in the slower winter months will see more buyers entering the market. This means that these homeowners will be changing to pending status soon. Now is the perfect time to send a second postcard (or first if you weren't mailing this winter) and remind these homeowners that you are the right mover for them. 

February Real Estate Rundown

Check out the latest articles from real estate experts to get a feel for how 2020 is shaping up for the housing market and movers. 

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