Win Business with Perfect Timing

June 02, 2020

Timing is all about reaching your potential customers before they have made a hiring decision.  The moving industry is unique because the perfect timing is different for every customer.  Timing is less about the status of the house for sale, and more about when the homeowner plans to hire a mover. To gain insight, we surveyed homeowners who plan to hire a mover in the future. 


We learned that twenty percent of homeowners plan to hire a mover before they list their home for sale. Homeowners in this stage will hire their past mover, get referrals from family, friends, and real estate agents, or search for a mover on the internet. To win business in this stage, we offer a way for movers to stay in touch with past customers with annual mailings. Additionally, we can help you win real estate agent referrals by notifying you when an agent has brand new listings with our agent outreach leads.  


The majority of homeowners (60%) reported that they would hire a mover some time between when they list their home for sale and when the home goes pending. This window can be as short as 30 days, so movers need to reach these potential customers as soon as possible. At, we provide daily mailings, same-day printing, and mailings with first-class postage, so you can reach homeowners right as their homes go on the market. 

Even if a homeowner doesn’t plan on hiring a mover right away, they do hold on to postcards and call when they’re ready. Our customers report that their mailings not only result in phone calls right away but also weeks after the original mailing. 


The remaining twenty percent of homeowners reported that they would wait to hire a mover until their sale is pending. Closings happen on average within 30-60 days after pending status, so these homeowners will need to hire a mover quickly. By timing a second postcard mailing to pending homes, movers can remind homeowners of their services and capture the attention of these late deciders. At, we monitor active listings for status changes, identify the pending homes, and re-verify the leads to check that they are still owner-occupied so that you only reach the homeowners that are likely to be looking for a mover at this stage. provides timed, targeted mailings to only your best potential customers. 

✔ Verified Leads - Homeowner owned, occupied, and ready to move.  

✔ Daily Leads - Reach new and pending leads within days of listing. 

✔ Daily Postcards - Printed and mailed the same day with first-class postage to be in-home fast. 

✔ Unrivaled Revenue - Large households with the highest revenue potential.

At, we ensure your postcards are printed and mailed the same day that new and pending leads are available, and we always send them with first-class postage for quick delivery.

Sign up today at and get moving!  

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