Real Estate Rundown | May 2019

May 06, 2019

Photo by Michael Gault via Pexels

As a part of the moving industry, we’re sure you’ve noticed that this year’s real estate market differs from the last few. With houses averaging a longer time on the market, increased seller competition, and more options for buyers, don’t expect 2019 to mimic previous years. See what the experts are saying about recent trends and future projections.

Temporary Blip? Homeownership Rate Dips for First Time in 2 Years

Are American’s spooked by rising home prices and a shaky economy? US homeownership fell for the first time in two years during the first quarter of 2019.

Low Mortgage Rates Won't Heat up the Housing Market, Analysts Say

Mortgage rates are much lower now than they were at the end of last year. Some think this incentive won't do much for the slowing economy and homebuyer confidence.

Real Estate Trends and Housing Market Forecast 2019: What to Expect from Housing and Real Estate During 2019?

What’s ahead for the 2019 Real Estate Market? Some think that coastal property prices will start to decrease, the economy will continue to increase, and opportunity zones will offer a positive improvement to the housing market.

Current State of the Housing Market - April 2019 Real Estate Market

More homes are available for sales and more people are orienting themselves to homes that they can afford. There’s also been a nice boost to the spring market as mortgage rates decreased in Q1. Sellers will see more competition as homes sit on the market longer.

Is Spring Going to Be a Goldilocks Housing Season for Everybody?

There’s been a noticeable change in the market in 2019. Could this spring be a rare moment when the market works well for both sellers and buyers but favors neither?

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