Online & offline marketing - What movers need to know

August 27, 2014

Photo by Elnaz Asadi via UnSplash

If someone asked you the difference between online and offline marketing, you’d probably think it’s a simple question. But, is it? Today I'm here to share why you can’t really separate the two anymore.

Why? For consumers and businesses, the line between these two marketing channels is becoming as blurry as headlights in a San Francisco fog.


3 Important Stats Every Business Should Know

Today, consumers combine postcards, TV, reviews, websites, and social media to create an overall mental picture of companies and products. On or off, marketing channels blend seamlessly together in our minds. 

Knowing that means you can make the "sweet spot" between digital and real-world marketing work for you. Meet the Amplifier Effect. 


The amplifier Effect - marketing that is additive


I know it looks like someone flunked math, but here’s how that works:  

A company spends $200 improving their website and another $200 on postcards. Because the two increase exposure and play off of each other, the resulting impacts are greater than if they had spent $400 on just one marketing channel. 

Amplification really works, but there's a can go in the opposite direction too! Like this: 

Of course, if you're only using one channel, you're missing out on the power of amplification. Don't make that mistake! Get more exposure, web traffic, and sales opportunities by diversifying. It works, that's why we help movers boost sales with leads retargeting that combines online and offline interaction. 


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