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March 15, 2023

Begin your sales season with a 



We'll waive the 500 Postcard Minimum
just 100 postcards per week

With a one-time $199 set up fee

Just start service by March 31st 

Watch Our Tips on How to Plan Your Spring Sales Campaign

Schedule a 15 minute free consultation and we can help you start a new campaign or make adjustments to your existing one for success this season.

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for answers to FAQ about direct mail campaigns

  • Do I need to make changes to my campaign this month? See our tips on how to optimize your campaign each month and season.
  • Have I made all the right decisions so my campaign will be a success? Review a quick rubric to score decisions. How do you rank on a 1-100 scale? 
  • Are there ways to track responses to prove my campaign's results?  
    Check out our recommendations on how to accurately track your results.

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