4 cloud-based platforms that simplify mover CRM & logistics

November 25, 2015

As we move out of peak moving season and business begins to slow, it's prime time to uncover ways to save money, better manage moving leads, AND boost sales year round. 

One way to hit all of these at once?
Update your logistics software. Now.

I still hear from a lot of movers that they deal with mountains of paper and waste countless hours organizing drivers, assigning routes, and tracking billing. Many have drivers who always have to come to the office to pick up forms and assignments, and even more don't have an integrated CRM (Customer Management System) to maximize moving leads and improve customer experience. 

If you don't have logistics software that works on mobile devices, you are losing money (and time...and sanity). 

Don't believe me? Check out this one case study for A&B Moving


 out of Texas. They have a fleet of 70 trucks and 5 locations. When A&B updated their software to a new mobile platform they estimate that this change alone improved efficiency and saved them $175,000 in time and labor in ONE year. (That's certainly a payback worth noting!)



Now, I know that changing systems can be truly daunting to research and setup, but the payoffs in this case can be massive. Movers have access to great tech that didn't exist even a few years ago.

Cloud-based logistics companies are changing the face of your day-to-day work and you should be enjoying the rewards they offer!

If you want to save 10's of thousands of dollars in
time, gas & labor...keep reading

I've picked 4 software platforms with a range of pricing (and pricing models) that are more intuitive in design, are truly cloud-based, and have integrated CRM features. Some are more robust than others (like quickbooks integration) but each offers mobility that can save a mover real $$.



MoversSuite by EWS Group

This software touts over 8,000 users and was made by movers for movers. They have a truly comprehensive workflow system that they've perfected over 15 years. Their interface design seems more dated but it's what's inside that counts. 

The result: Highly integrated customer service, billing & invoicing, and logistics that automate reports and billing. They work mostly with van lines but say they are a great fit for any mover (with more than 5 team members) looking to grow their business. MoversSuite also works with leading movers to built in best practices that help movers run their business more efficiently. 


Here's a look at their dashboard:


They claim to be "the most advanced CRM and Software platform for Moving & Storage companies." I can't say that's the case, but they are on the list as a contender. Their dashboard is easy to review and clean design overall.
Here's a look at their dashboard:



They also have an eye for design and Moverbase is big on getting you on-boarded as easily as possible. There is a free option to use and learn the platform and customer support is always free. 

  Here's a look at their dashboard:


Movegistics focuses on the CRM side of things but also offers solutions for operations and logistics. They definitely have some interesting offerings (like their mover "reputation" review services that pulls all ratings for your business - so you can catch good and bad reviews fast). Here's a link to their short explainer video
. I will say that their interface and site seems more dated.



AND, one bonus platform worth noting is Canvas 

This software/app system isn't specifically for movers (which is why it's listed last) but one of it's focuses is transportation companies. Also, remember how A&B Movers saved $175k? They were using Canvas. That fact alone wins it a spot on the list.

Here's how they compete:
Their software and forms are highly customizable. Plus, they focus on integration - to connect your data with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Salesforce, MS Excel and Evernote. 




Take a look and see if one of these platforms is a fit for your needs and budget. 

If you have insights on these or other cloud-based logistics software you've tried, I hope you'll drop me a line. I'd definitely like to hear about your experience!

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