Maximize Your Online Moving Ads

March 14, 2015

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Let’s talk about online ads. They can be a big help to your marketing efforts but a lot of companies have a hard time getting those ads to really pay off.

The average small business doesn’t have the time or dedicated staff to understand all the nuances involved or build in the tracking and keyword optimization to do this kind of ad marketing really well. The reality is that many of us could use a little help to create a killer online campaign.


That’s why I want to share a great company called SmartClick Advertising. I’ve worked with them several times and have to say I’m impressed with the people there and how they help businesses get the most out of their online ads.


Here’s a Case Study On SmartClick Results:


A local moving company serving the Raleigh/Durham areas of North Carolina had their own paid search ads on Google AdWords that was bringing in business BUT their cost per lead was so high that they were barely making any profits. So, they hired a marketing firm (not SmartClick Advertising) to help improve their online ads. Unfortunately, marketing firm wasn't that good at their job and actually increased their cost per job and got less leads!

Even worse, that marketing firm wasn’t transparent and it took months for the moving company to see the extent of the losses. You can bet they were beginning to wonder if online ads were a waste of money.


Fortunately, this particular moving company didn’t give up and hired SmartClick Advertising.

SmartClick created a more aggressive campaign with an overhauled keyword list. They decided to target more expensive placements that were the best targets for actual sales (and optimized quickly to improve conversion rates). As a result the mover had a much higher conversion rate, more calls, and more sales. All in the slow moving months of winter.



I'm a big fan of SmartClick. Like, they're focused on great customer service and measurable results. If you are currently spending more than $2,000 per month in online advertising, call Glen Spencer at 385-220-2528.

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