Key Housing Market & Moving Industry Trends for 2013

January 14, 2014

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Know the moving business?
These stats will still surprise you.


A lot can happen in a year. For many in the home and moving business, 2013 was a strong one. There’s a lot of talk about a solid uptick in housing and since we make it our business to pay attention to market trends, I want to share some key stats that are relevant to you.

Things like: What states are growing and which ones are people fleeing? Are people moving more, or less? What did home values and sales look like? We’ve put together an infographic on 2013 trends
 for your viewing pleasure. 


Moving stats and trends for moving and housing industries in 2013

Want insights on 2014? We've got you covered.
Here are some insider housing market predictions:


Riding A High At The End of 2013
As of October, US Housing Permits were up 46% over the 5 year average. It's good news for builders and home industries. Though the trend is showing more economically sized homes, more double master bedroom homes are also entering the market. 
Things Are Looking Good For 2014 (but expect more modest growth)
In early December 2013, the number of customers listing their homes was up 254% but there was only a 27% growth on the buyer-side. Redfin predicts that home sales volume will increase more moderately in 2014 at 5% – 7%. Read the
 U.S. Housing Predictions by Redfin's CEO here. 

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