Introducing Digital Marketing Audiences!

January 06, 2021
Reach your best sales prospects through targeted digital ads. 

In business since 2003, we provide the highest quality sales leads in the moving industry. Our proprietary system monitors the real estate market to identify homes for sale from multiple public sources. We go through a rigorous verification process to ensure that the leads on our list are homeowner owned and occupied. Our marketing audiences help you reach sellers who have just listed their home for sale and are actively looking for a mover.


Previously, our audience was only reachable through postal direct mail campaigns. After several years of experimentation, we are proud to account that you can now reach home sellers through digital ads! We currently upload our audiences to the Facebook marketing platform and expect more venues in the future.

How Facebook Custom Audiences Work

How do Facebook Custom Audiences tie into all of this? After our audience data is verified, we can then match the data to a Facebook Custom Audience. From there, we can share this audience with you or your digital marketing team. You can then show your advertisements to the shared audience. Your ads will appear only to Facebook users who have a home on the market!


The bottom line is that you can now reach your best prospects through postcards + digital ads. Both marketing channels will drive visitors to your website, where you can convert them into leads.

Our Digital Audiences are Easy to Use:
  1. We share our audience for your in-house digital campaigns, or
  2. We share our audience with your digital agency.
  3. If you don't have a digital agency, we have a few referrals for you.

There is no time like the present to double-up on our audience and serve digital Facebook Ads that promote your business. Please contact us today for more details and pricing.

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