Don't Lose Momentum: Fall Mover Marketing Tips

July 05, 2019

 On a scale of 1-10, how you would rank your "busy season" this year? Busy season is fast and furious and you don't want to lose the momentum now.

With the hallmark events that mark the end of the traditional moving season approaching, (School & Labor Day) movers need to ask themselves:

"How do we keep the momentum going?"

The spring and summer seasons are the natural high season for most moving companies. By now, your new employees should be hitting their stride. You've got the staff and the trucks to maintain your current workload. 

You just need one thing. Qualified Moving Leads.

After Labor Day, the amount of new listings tapers off and the phones slow down. With fewer leads around, what can you do to close more of the moves available? 

Late Summer & Fall Moving Tips for Movers

A well-planned annual marketing plan will lengthen the busy season and moderate the slow season, delivering steady sales year-round. Late summer is one of the moments in the year that requires the right marketing.

We'd like to share our inside perspective on Late Summer and Fall moving trends and how starting or adjusting an automated direct mail campaign will help maintain your pipeline and momentum as we head into Fall.

What happens in August through October?

Don’t FALL into the Slow Down Trap!

Temperatures cool and so does the housing market.  Families turn their attention to back-to-school and there is a brief pause in the market. However, there are good reasons to adjust your marketing because there are moves to be booked.

These are the critical months where automated marketing and continuous mailing can improve your season. 

Who is listing now?

New listings are reduced. People are less likely to list their homes especially families with kids starting school.  But there are still plenty of people that need to move during this time period.

Response Timing

During this time of year, homes will be on the market longer. Average “days on the market” will start increasing.  Leads mailed in July and August will continue to bring in moves well into late Fall and Winter. Mailings in the fall will be the base of your winter sales pipeline. If a mover doesn't mail enough in the fall, it will have a negative impact on the slower winter months.

Mover Marketing Tips 

1. If you have paused marketing for Busy Season - Start Marketing Now!

2. If you've been sending postcards, now is the time to adjust List Criteria to reach as many leads as possible:

3. This is a great time to follow up with leads. Go back to your CRM and reach out to leads that have contacted you over the last 3 months. Their moves may have been delayed and now is the time to ask for their business again.

IT IS CRITICAL TO MAIL IN THE FALL. Your budget should include mailing available leads to capture business now through the end of the year.

Mailing during the Fall season results in steady of stream of jobs and is critical to keeping your sales pipeline full during the winter.  Failing to mail in the fall will result in an even slower winter!



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