Direct Mail in Winter: Does It Work?

December 06, 2023

Photo by Nick Via Unsplash

Winter poses unique challenges for movers, and it’s common for many to take a break from marketing during this time. However, if you exercise patience and continue your marketing efforts, there are still opportunities to be found.

Between Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and even Super Bowl weekend, homeowners often postpone listing their homes to avoid missing out on important events. As a result, you may notice a decrease in the number of new leads during this period. To ensure a steady flow of leads for your direct mail campaign, it’s crucial to expand your criteria and widen your search parameters.

One silver lining during this time of year is that the leads you receive are usually highly motivated. Listing a home for sale during the holiday season often signifies a pressing reason for relocation, such as a job transfer. Your postcard will be well received by these motivated homeowners, and you can expect to receive some immediate calls and inquiries.

For those sellers who are unable to find a buyer, their homes may remain on the market for a longer duration. However, your postcard will be kept, and homeowners will reach out as soon as they are ready to make their move.

At Moving Leads, we continuously monitor the market. If a listing remains active after 90 days, we utilize our thorough verification process to determine if there is still a homeowner to market to. If confirmed, the lead is added back into our system and automatically included in your weekly list. This ensures that you consistently retarget active potential customers in your area.

Consider sending a secondary postcard when a home transitions to a pending status. Homeowners who have patiently waited to sell their homes are now ready to proceed, and a well-timed postcard will serve as a reminder that your services are available to assist them during their move.

Early January marks a notable increase in activity as people move past the holiday season and begin planning for the new year. By staying top of mind with all potential leads in your area, you will reap the benefits of direct mail during the late winter and early spring months.

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